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45-year-old Singaporeans passes away from liver failure despite 50 potential donors stepping forward

A 45-year-old Singaporean tragically passed due to acute liver failure after falling into a coma last Christmas.

Despite nearly 50 volunteers responding to a public plea for a liver transplant, seizures worsened his condition, leading his family to tearfully choose to remove life support, guided by medical advice.



desmond lee

SINGAPORE: Desmond Lee, a 45-year-old man in Singapore, tragically succumbed to acute liver failure on 3 January 2024, after falling into a coma last Christmas.

Lee’s deteriorating health led his family to make a public plea for urgent assistance, prompting approximately 50 people to come forward.

Diagnosed with liver failure resulting from a viral infection linked to a pre-existing Hepatitis B condition, Lee was admitted to Singapore General Hospital in critical condition on 24 December 2023.

Despite the immediate response from numerous individuals willing to help, the first two volunteers found themselves ineligible after undergoing blood tests on New Year’s Day.

However, two more potential donors emerged the following day, offering renewed hope for Lee’s recovery.

Unfortunately, this optimism was short-lived as Lee’s condition took a sudden turn for the worse, leading to seizures.

Subsequent medical evaluations revealed severe brain damage, rendering him unsuitable for a transplant.

Facing the heartbreaking reality, Lee’s wife, Huang, had the difficult task of conveying the devastating news to their family members, as reported by Shin Min Daily.

Faced with the agonizing decision to terminate life support, the family grappled with the emotional weight of their choice.

On 3 January 2024, at around 7:15 pm, Lee was taken off life support.

Unable to witness his passing, Huang and her family waited outside the ward, where Lee peacefully passed away within 15 minutes.

Despite the family’s sorrow, the doctors assured them that Lee’s final moments were serene.

Wife expresses gratitude for compassionate support amid heartbreaking ordeal

Lee left behind two daughters, aged four and seven, who remained unaware of the precise circumstances surrounding their father’s passing.

Fearing their distress, Huang, the wife, chose to shield them from reality, allowing only video calls to maintain a connection with their father.

Regrettably, they were unable to share his final moments in person.

During the farewell tribute to Lee, Huang permitted her elder daughter to view his lifeless body.

This encounter prompted the child to inquire about her father’s prolonged stillness and pallor.

Huang, grappling with the dilemma of what to reveal, expressed the belief that sparing them from the harsh truth might spare them unnecessary sorrow.

Although engulfed in heartbreak and tears, Huang recognized the need to be a resilient pillar of support for her daughters, now relying solely on her.

Expressing gratitude, she acknowledged the compassionate assistance extended by numerous individuals during their challenging ordeal.

In her words of appreciation, Huang conveyed, “I’m very grateful for everyone’s help. I’m really, very grateful.”

Despite the overwhelming sorrow, she acknowledged the outpouring of support, emphasizing the importance of moving forward for the sake of her daughters.

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My sincere condolences to the family of Mr Desmond Lee.

It is regretful that it is not the Desmond Lee who imposed ABSD and property tax increase.