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Viral video depicts tragic scene of cow stuck in tree after devastating floods in Southern Thailand

Alarming footage unveils a cow entangled in a tree post-flood in Thailand. A poignant reminder of nature’s impact on animals.



THAILAND: A distressing viral video has left internet users bewildered and saddened as it depicts a deceased cow entangled in a tree in Yala, southern Thailand.

According to a post shared on MYNEWSHUB on X (previously Twitter), the unfortunate incident occurred due to a massive flood that recently inundated the region.

The footage captures spectators gazing up from ground level at the lifeless cow ensnared amidst three branches, suspended at least 2 meters above the ground.

Thailand’s Thaiger also conveyed that the cow was part of a group of 18 that was swept away by floodwaters.

Once the waters receded, the owner discovered four cows, including the one tragically stuck atop a tree.

It is presumed that the unfortunate bovine remained lodged in the tree for several days, ultimately succumbing to starvation.

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