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CNB apprehends two individuals in Jurong West, seizes drugs valued over S$470,000

The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB)’s recent crackdown on drug trafficking resulted in apprehending two individuals accused of trafficking drugs worth over S$470,000.

Seized substances, including 1.427kg of Ice, 193g of heroin, and 94 Ecstasy tablets, could sustain 907 abusers for a week, according to the CNB.



SINGAPORE: A recent crackdown on drug trafficking led to the apprehension of two individuals, aged 53 and 62, in Jurong West on Tuesday (2 Jan).

The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) reported that these individuals stand accused of trafficking drugs valued at over S$470,000 (approximately US$353,734) on the street.

The CNB released a statement on Wednesday (3 Jan), detailing the seized narcotics.

The confiscated substances include 1.427kg of Ice (methamphetamine), 193g of heroin, and 94 Ecstasy tablets.

Shockingly, the CNB emphasized that this quantity of drugs could potentially sustain the addiction of approximately 907 abusers for an entire week.

The 53-year-old suspect resisted arrest, engaging in what was described as a “violent struggle.”

CNB officers had to subdue him during the arrest at the lobby of a housing block in Jurong West Street 52.

Following his apprehension, the officers escorted him to a unit within the block, where they discovered an additional 1.396kg of Ice, 96g of heroin, 211 Erimin-5 tablets, 94 Ecstasy tablets, and a bottle of methadone.

Simultaneously, the 62-year-old suspect was arrested along a walkway of another housing block in Jurong West.

A subsequent search of his person revealed 97g of heroin and 31g of Ice.

The severity of the charges faced by the accused is underscored by the CNB’s reminder that if found guilty of trafficking more than 15g of diamorphine or pure heroin, or over 250g of methamphetamine, the mandatory death penalty may apply if found guilty.

Under Section 5 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973, trafficking, offering to traffic, or engaging in acts preparatory to drug trafficking is an offence.

Investigations into both suspects are ongoing, according to the CNB.

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Are these 2 SGs? I think not..
Why not reveal the nationality?
So many aliens coming in and resorting to crime …
They found out its easy to make money in SG…$mils of it for some.
Our SG has gone to hell with this gov’s open leg immigration policies…

So did all the 10s of 100s of deaths from hanging drug traffickers sanctioned by the PAP Administration, ordered by the PAP, scared the hell of these 2? Didn’t they realised what their families were about to have to go through if got caught?
So Richard Branson is going to hv another good laugh at Millionaire law makers in SG, and thanking these Millionaires for brightening up his day, but contradictorily sad at the prospects of 2 lives gonna be terminated.