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Violent incident at Orchard Central leaves five injured on New Year’s day

Five were hospitalized after a violent New Year’s Day knife attack at Orchard Central Mall. Investigations are ongoing.



SINGAPORE – In a shocking incident on New Year’s Day, five individuals were hospitalized with knife wounds after an altercation on the 11th floor of Orchard Central Mall at approximately 4 am.

The incident prompted an emergency response from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), who received a distress call at 4:10 am on Monday (1 Jan) at 181 Orchard Road, the address of Orchard Central.

According to a police spokesman, the victims, aged between 18 and 30, were attacked by a 30-year-old man who was subsequently arrested for voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon. Investigations into the motive behind the attack are still ongoing.

Blood stains were visible across a 200-meter stretch on the 11th floor, which houses a dance club, a steakhouse, and a restaurant.

The Ark 11 dance club, where some of the bloodstains were found, declined to comment on the incident, stating that it occurred outside their premises after closing hours.

Cleaners at the mall reportedly removed most of the bloodstains, leaving only traces for the early morning workers to discover. Witnesses, including a gardener and a mall employee, described the scene as unusual and disturbing.

This incident follows a similar violent episode just two weeks prior at Pasir Ris West Plaza, where a 61-year-old man allegedly slashed three individuals at a mobile phone shop. Preliminary investigations suggested a prior relationship between the assailant and the victims.

Knife-related crimes have been a cause for concern in Singapore, with approximately 150 incidents annually from 2017 to 2021, involving murders, robbery, rioting, and serious injuries.

Authorities note that a significant portion of these incidents occur in residential areas and other public spaces.

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Nice …finally some cleaning up of the worms around. Only with Elites that island shall be safe and of course, the FTs and Corporate Citizens with wealth, education and finesse to change this place better..go ahead..Do us a favor and clean up each other, after worms are rotting

How many of those involved are new inputs from third world? People’s responses to situations vary depending on their own experience and the environment they grew up in. I think SPF will be busy because of the foreign inputs. Welcome to Third World Singapore masquerading as First World.

Most old man I know will not be violent cause everyone of them knows they dont have much time left.
However, in SG, PAP under LHL, Puthucheary, KBW, VIvian B@l@, ShanmuG@n, taxes Sgreans like there is no tomorrow.
When one has nothing to live for, he will make sure everyone else go with him or her regardless of how rich you are.! So stop your Bull XXit that only you want to stay with your families at Ridout!!