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Singaporeans face over 60k queue to claim CDC voucher

On Wednesday, the Singaporean Government rolled out S$500 worth of CDC vouchers for local households, usable at supermarkets and businesses.

Netizens faced hurdles claiming these vouchers due to overwhelming traffic, leading to queues ranging from thousands to over 60,000, following the official announcement.



On Wednesday (3 January), the Singaporean Government rolled out S$500 (US$376) worth of Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers, providing Singaporean households access to these vouchers for use at participating supermarkets and local businesses.

Following the announcement, several netizens encountered difficulties claiming the voucher on the official site. Many reported heavy traffic causing queues ranging from a few thousand to over 60,000.

The new CDC vouchers, amounting to S$500 per household, signify a S$200 increase from the previous 2023 tranche, as earlier revealed by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong in September last year.

Approximately 1.27 million Singaporean households are slated to receive the January 2024 CDC vouchers, incurring a government cost of S$635 million.

This year’s vouchers expand their usability to more supermarkets, including Cold Storage, joining the seven existing chains.

The number of participating merchants has more than doubled, growing from 11,000 in 2021 to over 23,000 presently, as highlighted by DPM Wong.

According to the CDC, as with earlier distributions, the CDC vouchers are accessible for digital claiming at

Using their Singpass account, one member per household can log in to claim the CDC vouchers on behalf of their entire household.

Upon successful claiming, a voucher link will be dispatched to the applicant’s registered mobile phone number. This link can be shared among other household members for their use.

The validity period for these vouchers extends until December 31, 2024.

However, observations on social media suggest inconvenience in claiming the vouchers. Some users reported being placed in queues of up to 8000 while attempting to claim the voucher.

High demand overwhelms the CDC voucher site

For example, a netizen commented on a CNA Facebook post, mentioning being in a queue of 8000+ on RedeemSG, only to be auto-logged out upon reaching their turn.

After re-logging in, the queue escalated to 20k+.

To avoid peak traffic, the netizen planned to attempt claiming the voucher again the following day.

Other netizens shared similar experiences of long queue times:

Some netizens shared their experiences encountering issues during multiple attempts to claim the voucher, while others found success after trying their luck post-peak lunch hour, managing to acquire the voucher without having to wait in a queue.

“At least shorter than Taylor Swift concert ticket queue”

In the midst of these varied experiences, some netizens humorously compared the queue lengths to the fervor and struggle of securing a Taylor Swift concert ticket, suggesting that, at least, the queues for the vouchers weren’t as lengthy.

However, there were also individuals who were fortunate enough to claim the voucher without any issues within just a few minutes, expressing their luck in the process.

There are comments advice fellow Singaporeans not to rush to claim the voucher, as they still have whole year to claim the voucher

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Headed by 1953-born serpentine🐍😈
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At the CCs too…100s queuing b4 it opens at 10am..knowing the past experience, couldnt the CC open earlier for a few days?
Then only at 10am the staff was getting ready the printers and printing paper..whilst others placing chairs in rows..
Mostly older folk..cant blame them for requiring the paper print out of the cdc vouchers..easier to use & safer…plus with so much scams using hps…

Last edited 6 months ago by DoBetter

Why is there even a queue system. Also, the CDC voucher redemption page forces you to use the Singpass app. Installed, then uninstalled of course. I do not need Govtech spyware on my phone.

That’s why I say we have a good government. Our ministers know that inflation is affecting the whole world and they always think of the people. That’s why they are giving you the CDC vouchers. Do you see the US or Australian governments doing this? No right? And yet, some of these idiot Singaporeans want to leave Singapore to migrate to the West. Idiots!

The smart voter should happily accept the voucher and go on to vote opposition.

That’s what I would do.

So the making of a Smart Nation is to nurture a kiasu attitude, hor? Another legacy of the Kayu Son’s era.

They are trying to “nudge” you to use their pointless Singpass system. Wonder just how many PHYSICAL letters they have to PRINT and DELIVER for those who need to reset their Singpass password just for this equally pointless voucher exercise. Loads of elderly will also be physically queuing up at their community centers to collect their printed vouchers. How many of them will get infected with covid24? More “business” for their hospitals I suppose. But very frankly I’m surprised that anyone have to “queue” ONLINE for this? What are they using for the server? A XP personal computer from the… Read more »

The DISHONEST public media HAS NO COURAGE and HONESTY to TELL the world in news reports, SG is a society of people ENTIRELY DEPENDENT on handouts from their SARCASTIC Millionaire Politicians.

How pitiful Singaporeans have become? We are now depending on these vouchers for survival. It is a culture now!

Next, only when you voted the PAP, you can get the vouchers. So take a screenshot of your voting slip in next GE to prove, in order to claim your vouchers.

Sad isn’t it? Ironically, Singapore is one of the richer countries!

Shows how gian png these loser locals are. They voted in the PAP to enable them to help themselves with state coffers to pay themselves MILLIONS and these PAP Elites, throw some crumps out of $500 each to these peasants and these peasants literally fight over this! It is as though ,these PAP after gorging themselves with millions and they need some entertainment to see HOW THESE LOSERS LOCALS FIGHT OVER SOMETHING AS PATHETIC AS THIS! Remind me of Roman emperors needing entertainment when they would throw some peasants to the lions in the arena to feed ,after these Emperors… Read more »

lol. just print them. they wanna app everything but don’t wanna pay for server bandwidth? or minitrue salary too high , we got no budget for servers now?

There is a new saying, taking two chickens return half a chicken wing … taking two cars return one car mat …

Watch out what they are taking back.

Again, one ministry/minister not talking to other ministries/ministers – each just working within their own silos. Million$ PM and million$ Coordinating Ministers are sleeping . . . as usual. Need to have a multi-million$ Senior Coordinating Minister to coordinate the Coordinating Ministers to coordinate the various agencies.

Classic PAP Administration standard of productivity – any reason why this PAP avoid anything to do with productivity which is MUCH LIKE A HAUNTED GHOST the PAP Administration keeps running and running away from EVEN IN BROAD DAYLIGHTS.

When you have to wait “in line” for “something”, … it invariably “adds and creates value” to that “thingy” !!!

Well played PAP !!!

My property tax increased a few thousand dollars, CDC returned $500, I still loss a few thousand-$500. I rather not want the $500 and not be taxed for my property.

It’s okay to distribute some cash vouchers to residents but am wondering why specifically need to have 50% or $250 per household go to these mega supermarkets like Sheng Siong or NTUC?

The boss of SS already a billionaire and SG still throw public money to them to fatten their burgeoning bank accounts so they can buy more $50m to $80m GCB?

As for NTUC, they are so secretive in their earnings but look, they are vested in so many assets making tonnes of money here and there. Wondering where all their profits go to

Well, every time we hear economy projection is good, un-employment rate very low? why we still need CDC vouchers? tsk tsk tsk.

What do you think?

Are you telling us this:
70% Pineapple Lovers:
1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) Increase Prices on Chicken, Eat Fish
11) Increase in Ageing population, collect carton boxes, a good form of

We need solutions not price increase!!!! What do you think?

Yes. Indeed. At 1440 hours this noon, the Q number was 63,200 no joke.
It amplifys the SERIOUSNESS of PAP unsolved INFLATION while they themselves MAKE CRUDE JOKES about Sheeps SHOWER together to save water.