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Outrage erupts as woman is caught defecating in yard of Malaysia homestay

Shocking incident in Cameron Highlands as a tourist defecates in a homestay yard, igniting widespread anger and raising hygiene concerns.



MALAYSIA: A woman, suspected to be a tourist, has triggered widespread anger online after she was caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage defecating in the yard of a homestay in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

The incident, recorded by the homestay’s surveillance system and subsequently shared online, has ignited strong feelings of disgust and outrage among Malaysians.

The footage captures the woman, accompanied by another female companion, walking within the homestay’s compound.

Suddenly, the woman squats down, lowering her pants.

The other woman takes off her shoulder scarf to provide some cover for the one squatting as she defecates.

Afterward, the pair leaves the scene, leaving the woman’s feces on the road, clearly visible in the footage.

Internet users conveyed their astonishment regarding the woman’s evident disregard for civic awareness and hygiene.

Some comments highlighted that even cats instinctively know to cover their feces, questioning how someone could choose to conduct such personal business in the middle of the road when there are drains or alternative locations available.

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It’s hard to understand why would someone pass out shit for the world to notice in broad daylights. On the other hand I would also be keen to. Understand what the person is thinking on ohosnor her mind when decided to do it.
My points of views is bcz of need to understand human thinking.

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Must be a prc…one of this uncouth people did it once in sg full view of many passersby…crazy!