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No Singaporeans affected in Japan earthquakes, confirms MFA

MFA assures no Singaporeans were harmed in Japan’s earthquake aftermath that claimed 48 lives. Vigilance urged assistance channels to open for citizens in affected areas.



SINGAPORE – Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has confirmed that there are currently no reports of any Singaporeans being affected by the devastating earthquake that struck Japan on New Year’s Day.

The earthquake, with a preliminary magnitude of 7.6, has claimed the lives of at least 48 people, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has reported more than 140 tremors since the initial quake, and there are concerns that additional strong shocks could occur in the coming days.

The MFA has reached out to e-registered Singaporeans in the affected regions, particularly in Ishikawa, Niigata, Toyama, and Yamagata prefectures, where tsunami warnings were issued.

“The Singapore Government extends condolences to Japan and the families affected by the Ishikawa earthquake,” stated the MFA.

Singaporeans in Japan are advised to defer travel to the affected regions and remain vigilant, taking all necessary precautions for their safety and following the instructions of local authorities.

In light of possible aftershocks, the MFA strongly encourages Singaporeans in or traveling to Japan to e-register and purchase comprehensive travel insurance.

Consular assistance is available through the Singapore Embassy in Tokyo at +81-3-3586-9111 or +81-3-3586-9112.

Additionally, the 24-hour MFA duty office can be reached at 6379 8800 or 6379 8855 for those in need of immediate assistance.

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