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Lorry passenger assaults JPJ officer for tailgating, ignites mixed reactions online

A viral video of a man assaulting a JPJ officer for tailgating their vehicle has gained widespread attention on social media platforms, eliciting varied reactions from netizens.



MALAYSIA: A video depicting a male passenger from a lorry assaulting a Road Transport Department (JPJ) officer for tailgating their vehicle has gained widespread attention on social media platforms since 3 January, eliciting varied reactions from Malaysian netizens.

In the video, several JPJ officers can be seen tailing the lorry, simultaneously sounding the siren in an attempt to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Despite the signals from the officers, the vehicle continues moving until it eventually halts in front of a house, presumed to be the residence of the individuals inside.

Upon parking, a male passenger swiftly exits the vehicle, followed by the driver, and both begin berating the officers.

The male passenger further escalates the situation by physically assaulting the officer who was recording the incident.

Reactions to the viral video from netizens are diverse. Some argue that, regardless of the reason for tailgating, the man assaulting the officer is in the wrong.

Meanwhile, others express support for the man who assaulted the officer, and some applaud the officers for tailing the lorry to its residence, although some question the necessity of tailing vehicles until they reach their homes.

However, there are also individuals cautioning against taking sides or passing judgment based on a short video clip, emphasizing the absence of an official statement and uncertainty regarding the cause of the incident.

On Wednesday (3 Jan), the investigation by JPJ Kedah revealed that the video took place around on 22 November on Jalan Tasik Darul Aman, Jitra, Kedah, before it went viral on 2 January.

“During the incident, on-duty officers were conducting patrols and identified a suspicious vehicle.

Preliminary examination found that the suspect had three offenses, namely an expired motor vehicle license, no insurance coverage, and an expired Computerized Vehicle Inspection Center (PUSPAKOM) certificate,” said the statement.

It is understood that the vehicle when directed to stop, refused to cooperate during the incident.

“Upon detention, the suspect committed criminal violence, uttered abusive words, and obstructed a public servant from performing duties.

A police report was filed concerning the incident by the on-duty officers, and the involved individual was arrested and charged in the Magistrate’s Court Jitra under Section 353 of the Penal Code,” it said.

The court sentenced the individual to one year in prison and imposed a fine of RM4,000 (approximately US$862.84).

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