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Fire on New Year’s Eve morning in Marsiling Drive forces hospitalization of three and evacuation of 70 residents

On New Year’s Eve morning, a fire erupted at a Marsiling Drive block, resulting in three hospitalizations and the urgent evacuation of 70 residents.

Videos on social media captured intense flames emerging from a unit, shared by nearby residents.



SINGAPORE: In the early hours of Sunday (31 Dec), a distressing incident unfolded at a Housing Board block in Marsiling Drive as a fire broke out, leading to the hospitalization of three individuals and the urgent evacuation of about 70 residents.

At approximately 5:45 am, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received notification of the fire at Block 7, Marsiling Drive.

Videos shared on social media, presumably captured by nearby residents, vividly depict the intense flames emerging from one of the units.

The SCDF confirmed that the fire originated from the contents within the living room of a fifth-floor flat.

Swift action by the SCDF, employing a water jet, successfully extinguished the flames.

In tandem with the police, they safely evacuated approximately 70 residents from the affected block.

Subsequently, three individuals were rushed to Singapore General Hospital for immediate medical attention.

The SCDF has initiated an investigation into the cause of the fire, and the inquiry is ongoing.

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It was a bad omen for Singapore PAP government

Non dumbo SGs can safely tell off this PAP Administration why recent years on this Smart Nation one can notice there are more and increased incidents of home fires, accidents, against traffic driving, crashing accidents due to red lights violations, suicides, street fightings, food hygiene VIOLATIONS, I T, bank Scams – obviously QUITE PREDICTABLE this PAP Administration CERTAINLY avoid informing us they DO NOT COLLECT SUCH STATISTICS.

And EVEN THE PAP Administration CONTROLLED but PAID for by citizens, EXPENSES AND RUNNING costs of PAP mouth piece WOULD BLUNTLY NOT Investigate All these.