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Brazen daylight robbery in Malaysia: Armed men target motorist after bank withdrawal

Armed robbery in broad daylight near Klang, Malaysia. Two assailants target motorist after a bank withdrawal, escape with cash and belongings.



MALAYSIA: A widely circulated video captured a brazen armed robbery on 29 December 2023, in broad daylight near Persiaran Pegaga, Klang, Malaysia.

The incident, reported by The Sun Daily, involved two assailants armed with a baseball bat and a machete who targeted a man after a bank withdrawal.

According to reports, the perpetrators approached the victim’s Mercedes Benz at a traffic light junction, as seen in the dashboard camera footage.

They used their weapons to shatter the car’s windshield, attempting to seize the money the driver had just withdrawn.

The robbers successfully snatched a bag from the victim through the car’s right-side window.

The 40-year-old victim sustained injuries, including a scrape on his right arm and a broken finger bone in his left hand.

Superintendent Kamalariffin Aman Shah, the deputy police chief of the Klang Selatan District, disclosed that the victim had withdrawn a small amount of cash from an ATM on Jalan Meru prior to the incident.

The estimated total losses amount to RM6,000 (US$1,260), encompassing the stolen laptop and damage to both door mirrors.

The authorities are actively investigating the incident to apprehend the culprits responsible for this audacious daytime robbery.

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Fxxking lawless country, 60 over yrs have passed and yet the Mud run country is even worse then 60 yrs ago.
At least then, these fxxking Islamic jihadist use parang.
Now use gun.
Next they would be using MACHINE GUNS!😆😆😆😆

My first thought was insider job. Eg: the teller DM or calling his/her buddies to inform them of customer making cash withdrawal. But for a measly R$6000 … maybe just casing the bank entrance.