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Marina Bay prepares with heightened security, road closures for 2024 New Year countdown

As the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2024 approaches, road closures and heightened security measures are implemented to ensure public safety.

Road closures will be implemented during specific times, and the police encouraged the public to use public transport.



SINGAPORE: As the countdown to usher in 2024 approaches, the Marina Bay area is gearing up for the annual festivities with road closures and heightened security measures.

In a bid to ensure the safety and security of the public, the police have announced a series of precautions to manage the anticipated large crowds.

The Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2024, scheduled from Dec 31 to the early hours of Jan 1, is expected to attract a large number of crowds.

To maintain order and security, the police will deploy a substantial force of police officers, auxiliary police officers, and security personnel.

These dedicated teams will be strategically stationed at various locations around Marina Bay, including key areas like The Promontory, One Fullerton, Merlion Park, Esplanade Park, Esplanade Waterfront Promenade, and Marina Bay Sands Waterfront Promenade

Additionally, to prevent overcrowding, the police will regulate the number of people entering specific areas, halting entry once safety thresholds are reached. Certain entrances and exits at MRT stations in the vicinity will also be closed or altered to divert crowds away from congested zones.

City Hall, Raffles Place, and Bayfront MRT stations are expected to experience high traffic, and the public is encouraged to use alternative stations such as Esplanade, Promenade, Downtown, and Marina Bay.

To assist attendees, the Crowd@MarinaBay live map will be available from 6 pm on Dec 31, offering real-time crowd levels, closure information, and suggested routes to the celebration area. The public is advised to access the map at

After the event, dispersal is expected to be slow due to the large crowds, the police said. Designated routes and signage will guide the public out of Marina Bay, and alternative MRT stations may be recommended to avoid overcrowded areas.

Security personnel may conduct checks on bags and personal items, and the public is urged to remain vigilant against potential security threats, including molesters and pickpockets.

Road closures

To facilitate the countdown event, several roads and lanes will be closed to vehicular traffic during specified times:

From 6 pm to 11 pm:

  • Extreme left lane of Fullerton Road in the direction of Collyer Quay (between Esplanade Drive and Collyer Quay)
  • Extreme left lane of Collyer Quay in the direction of Raffles Quay (between Fullerton Road and Marina Boulevard)

From 6 pm to 2 am:

  • Bayfront Avenue (between Temasek Avenue and lamp post 34F)
  • Esplanade Drive in the direction of Fullerton Road (between Stamford Road and Collyer Quay)
  • Fullerton Road (between lamp post 18F and Esplanade Drive)

From 10 pm to 11 pm:

  • Temasek Avenue in the direction of Bayfront Avenue (between Raffles Avenue and Raffles Boulevard)

From 10 pm to 2 am:

  • Marina Boulevard (between Raffles Quay and Bayfront Avenue)
  • Raffles Avenue (between Nicoll Highway and Temasek Avenue)
  • Extreme right lane of Marina Way (between Marina Boulevard and Central Boulevard)

From 11 pm to 2 am:

  • Extreme left lane of Finlayson Green
  • Fullerton Road (between Esplanade Drive and Collyer Quay)
  • Collyer Quay (between Fullerton Road and Marina Boulevard)
  • Fullerton Square
  • Battery Road
  • Esplanade Drive
  • Nicoll Highway (between Raffles Boulevard and Raffles Avenue)
  • Temasek Avenue (between Raffles Boulevard and Raffles Avenue)
  • The slip road leading from Raffles Boulevard into Raffles Avenue
  • Republic Boulevard in the direction of Raffles Avenue (between Raffles Boulevard and Republic Avenue)


The public is strongly advised to use public transport due to limited parking spaces in the area. Auxiliary police officers will be stationed at affected road junctions to regulate traffic and assist motorists.

Parking or stopping vehicles along peripheral roads along East Coast Parkway to watch the fireworks is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, the police emphasized that members of the public should avoid operating any unmanned aircraft, such as drones, within the Marina Bay Countdown vicinity.

Suspicious people and activities should be reported to the Internal Security Department on 1800-2626-473 or to the police on 999 or SMS at 71999.

Alternatively, information can be conveyed to the authorities through the SGSecure App. 

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