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Tragic fall claims life of Singaporean woman at a state park preserve in New York

Tragedy struck at Minnewaska State Park as a Singaporean woman fell off a cliff, succumbing to the fall. Her husband awaits autopsy results in the United States.



SINGAPORE – In a heartbreaking incident, a 39-year-old Singaporean woman lost her life after a fall from a 30-meter cliff at the picturesque Minnewaska State Park Preserve in New York on Friday (22 Dec).

The victim, identified as Madam Nur Aisyah, was visiting the United States with her husband, Mr Abdul Rauf Mohd Said. The couple, co-founders of the real estate investment firm Noble Sky International, frequently travelled to the US for work.

Mr Abdul Rauf took to Facebook on Sunday (24 Dec) to share the tragic details of the incident.

According to his account, they were enjoying the park’s scenery when Madam Nur Aisyah suddenly fell off the cliff.

(Photo: Facebook/@Rauf Said)

Despite his efforts to reach her, she tragically succumbed to the fall. The rescue operation, which involved airlifting her by helicopter and cutting down trees to facilitate evacuation, took nearly three hours.

Expressing deep sorrow, Mr Abdul Rauf posted a heartfelt message on Facebook, apologizing for not being there in her final moments and expressing love and longing. Madam Nur Aisyah was described as a faithful and doting wife, known for her love for animals and dedication to rescuing them. Her sudden demise came as a shock to their family in Singapore.

As Mr Abdul Rauf awaits the autopsy results in the US, plans are underway to bring Madam Nur Aisyah’s body back to Singapore for burial near her late grandmother and mother.

The couple’s families and friends are grappling with the loss of a woman described as “truly an angel loaned to us and taken away too soon.”

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Condolences to the affected family.

But seriously, how can someone “… suddenly fell off the cliff”? Well-visited tourist spots (esp. in developed countries) are usually well-fenced against possible mishaps. It takes much efforts, even deliberate efforts, to go off a cliff in the 21st century.

The comments here really look like they’re coming from highly-civilized, sophisticated, educated individuals from an advanced First World country. Allegedly.

Sinkie better don’t try those hiking and trail that Ang Mo Tue Kee can do, local Sinkie even can get lost in Mandi, MacRitchie Reservoir and fall into river at Sungei Buloh for Buaya to eat.
Local Sinkie better stay inside their HDB flats and only venture out to the nearby food center.
Careful…even that, for these locals, even crossing ONE SMALL ROAD TO REACH their hawker center, they can also be killed by traffic.
Now you now HOW AND WHY LOCAL SINKIE are hopeless!😆😆😆😆😆

Deserving, for showing off.

“woman lost her life after a fall from a 30-meter cliff”

sus. this sounds like classic waifu murder out in nowhere with no witnesses.