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NUS Professor with repeated traffic offenses receives stern warning from Police

A professor from the National University of Singapore (NUS), with a history of traffic violations, received a stern warning from the police over a dangerous lane change on Tomlinson Road that resulted in a collision and a heated exchange.



A recent news report revealed that Professor Henry Yeung Wai Chung of the National University of Singapore (NUS) has been allowed to continue driving despite a history of traffic offences and a recent road rage incident.

The altercation, which occurred on 3 November along Tomlinson Road, escalated after Yeung, in his BMW, reportedly switched lanes without signalling, causing his vehicle to scratch another car.

The victimized driver recounted to Shin Min Daily News, “I couldn’t stop in time, and his right mirror scratched the left front of my car. Then, the BMW driver stuck his head out [of the car window] and swore at me.”

Following the collision, dashcam footage captured Yeung gesturing and shouting during the confrontation. The incident didn’t end there; as the other driver waited for the police, Yeung reportedly “drove away and nearly hit me,” a move that left the other party both endangered and frustrated.

The other driver involved in the recent encounter with Yeung, left to cover his own repair costs, expressed dismay, stating, “Later, I forked out approximately $100 from my own pocket for the repairs.”

Responding to Shin Min’s queries, the police confirmed that they were alerted to an accident involving two vehicles along Tomlinson Road at 2:20 pm on November 3.

A 55-year-old driver was issued a stern warning following investigations, said the police.

The video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook page Singapore Road Vigilante on 9 November.

The fact that Yeung is still driving has puzzled many due to his past driving infractions, which have been reported publicly.

Notably, in 2018, he was penalized with a S$5,000 fine and a 13-month driving ban for a serious violation involving his Maserati.

“Prior to the above charge, he had been fined thrice for earlier offences of speeding, inconsiderate driving, and careless driving between 2012 and 2016,” reported The Straits Times.

Despite this record, Yeung is still allowed to have a valid driving license.

Permanent bans for repeated traffic offenders exist in Singapore.

In a case reported by TODAY, Quah Soon Hoe, a 61-year-old with a history of driving offenses dating back to 1994, was permanently banned from driving after an incident involving drunk driving and aggressive behavior towards police.

Quah was fined and jailed due to his repeated offences, including drink-driving and failing to cooperate with law enforcement, leading to a lifetime disqualification from holding or obtaining a driving license in Singapore.

NUS looking into disciplinary proceedings

NUS, aware of both the recent and past incidents, has stated through a spokesperson, “The university expects all members of its community to conduct themselves in accordance with the law. NUS is reviewing the court’s decision and will decide on whether disciplinary proceedings will be taken against Professor Henry Yeung.”

It should be noted that NUS made similar declarations about Yeung in 2018, and yet he remains employed and, seemingly, in the same professional standing, with the outcome of NUS’s deliberation back in 2018 unknown.

The former Hong Kong resident wrote in his online biography that he has been working with NUS since 1992. Since February 2018, he has been appointed Distinguished Professor of the National University of Singapore in recognition of his “outstanding academic excellence as well as academic and intellectual leadership.”

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Why only a stern warning when he’s a recalcitrant previously convicted of a violation?

Justice must not only be done but also to be seen as done.

This all seems bullocks to me.

Has he received government awards?
Is he whiter than white?

FTs got more power and money than some other oil drunk driver?

These things are not uncommon. Remember the Maserati driver who was an NUS professor too? I wonder what is going on in that institution right now. Your taxpayer dollars at work.

We have our own brilliant professors like Thum and Thambyah but will they receive the accolades they deserve? The PAP worship the foreigners to replace us

This idiotic crowfessor has real Permanent Head Damage,.

The beautiful thing is that he is still being employed in a.NUS!

So if I am NOT gog to agree with Lee and his lightning clubs means he is gog to break up more marriages in my family so that he can use them against me … Fantastic Political Game that politicians play in ppl family. Just becos I dun agree with how he is rendering ppl voiceless by not answering ppl queries, or refuse to let him and his empire to intrude into the fragile state of marriages to play their political game, to enslave others with lies they spun, to hold citizens CPF at his disposal, to corner citizens when… Read more »

Ask all the Mafias on this SG island. Park all your big stars in Taiwan(Chinese) Australia (English) then play out the Pawn stars on this island. Then wanna flip big family pawn stars to Shield their White and Black. Ask the Head Mafia Lee!

How come NUS still employing this gangster behaviour road rage and paying him handsomely? I think for his position as Prof, his monthly pay should be in the range of $35k to $55k.

Should have been sacked immediately and charged by the law enforcement for this type of behaviour. Is this Singapore or are we in a lawless country?

Last edited 6 months ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

How many Divorces do I owe you Lee Empire?!?

Well the Empires always at it. So Yang own the Ling divorce from Canto Husband … Waiting to rearrange her marriage to a Black Loong entity? Aiming now for Japanese Na to re-marry which entity?!? Playing god in ppl lives. No. O I forgot a jurong aunt 0out of the blue divorce my uncle. Work of the empire … No?!?

The Loong and Yang Young Yeung island … The royalty in SG. No?!?

So many aliens and converted aliens commiting offences in our once clean & green SG.
But if u r somebody u get light sentences, like this Prof…others will get a few years driving ban.