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Viral images of tethered cattle at shophouse alley in Malaysia prompt outcry and demand for action

Shocking images of tethered cattle along a shophouse alley in Malaysia spark outrage. Netizens demand swift action from authorities, questioning the neglect and urging intervention for a neglected urban space.



MALAYSIA: In a rare and disconcerting sight, images of cattle tethered to pillars along a shophouse walkway in Malaysia have gone viral on X (formerly Twitter) since 14 December.

This unusual scene has raised questions among netizens about the apparent lack of action by authorities in addressing the issue.

The four shared pictures have drawn significant attention, garnering a staggering 1.3 million views on X by the time of writing.

The images depict large cattle tied along a walkway adjacent to a run-down shophouse in Pusat Bandar Utara Selayang, Batu Caves, Selangor, as reported by Majoriti news portal.

The cattle are allegedly owned by foreign workers as reported by Sin Chew Daily.

One of the images reveals a pile of leaves on the ground beside a tethered cattle, obstructing the walkway and creating an unsightly, unhygienic environment.



The surrounding area appears neglected, with dirt and debris accumulating near where the cattle stand.

In another photograph, two cattle are seen, further contributing to the disturbing scene.



The road next to the shophouse is strewn with rubbish, giving the impression of a complete absence of law or authorities in the area.

This situation not only raises concerns about the welfare of the tethered cattle but also reflects a broader issue of negligence, encouraging those responsible for waste disposal and cattle ownership to act with impunity.

Outcry on social media as netizens demand immediate action from authorities

The images have sparked a call for authorities to intervene and address the deteriorating conditions in this urban space.

Netizens flooded the comment section expressing their anger, complaints, and queries directed at the relevant authorities.

“Those sabotaging Malaysia include some of our enforcers.”

“Where is the City Council? Are they on blind duty?”

“Where is the City Council? Afraid of dealing with foreigners? If it were with our citizens, the situation would be different.”

One netizen even mistakenly believed the pictures were taken in New Delhi.

Calling for immediate action, a netizen urged, “Please do something with Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS). I dare not go to Selayang wholesale market and Kuala Lumpur because of them (foreigners). Despite having many banks near my house, I have to go to Sri Gombak.”

“At the wet market in Meru Klang, there are many cattle in front of the stalls, resembling Bombay. Don’t even mention the cow dung.”

Expressing dismay, another netizen questioned, “I don’t know how our people can turn a blind eye. It’s not a hidden place, it’s out in the open. They boldly treat the area as if it’s their own country, tarnishing our nation’s image.”

In response to a suggestion to file complaints, someone remarked, “Sometimes, making a complaint alone doesn’t yield results. If you post it and it goes viral, only then do they start working and taking action. That’s usually how it goes.”

Given the incident’s viral exposure, there’s an expectation that authorities will promptly intervene and undertake necessary measures to rectify and improve the conditions in that area.

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they left the cows to poop at their doorways?