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PMO expresses alarm over Covid-19 Resilience Medals sale on Carousell

Several Covid-19 Resilience Medals listed for sale on Carousell sparked Prime Minister’s Office concerns, stressing the need for respectful treatment.

Online comments stressed the vital support for healthcare workers with better pay and investment in manpower, finances, and improved equipment across healthcare sectors, recognizing their sacrifices.



SINGAPORE: The presence of several listings on the online marketplace Carousell offering Covid-19 Resilience Medals for sale has prompted concerns at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), underscoring the necessity of treating these medals with utmost respect.

Upon checking Carousell, it shows that there were at least five listings of the Covid-19 Resilience Medals available as of 4 pm on Wednesday (13 Dec), with prices ranging from S$688 to an astounding S$1.5 million (approximately US$1.12 million).

One user, offering the medal at S$1,500, explained that it was exclusively awarded to healthcare workers for their significant contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Describing the medal as “special and exquisitely designed,” the seller noted that there is no specific recipient’s name indicated on the medal. Additionally, the listing expressed a preference for a meet-up and deal in Sengkang.

In August 2022, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the COVID-19 Resilience Medal and the COVID-19 Resilience Certificate in his National Day Rally speech.

These honours were bestowed upon over 100,000 individuals and teams in 2023.

The medal recognized individual contributions to Singapore’s battle against the pandemic, whereas the certificate acknowledged the collective efforts of groups.

Healthcare workers condemn online sale of Covid-19 Resilience Medal

The Instagram account @thehonesthealthcareworker, run by a collective of healthcare professionals, expressed deep disappointment upon noticing the sale of Covid-19 Resilience Medals online.

In a Wednesday post, the group acknowledged that some individuals might be experiencing challenging times and could potentially require financial assistance.

However, they outlined compelling reasons aimed at persuading them to reconsider the sale of the medals.

the group emphasized, “National awards hold profound significance, symbolizing the collective effort and courage of healthcare workers during the critical days when COVID-19 posed a tangible threat.”

The account delved into the multitude of challenges confronted by healthcare workers (HCWs) during the pandemic.

These encompassed enduring prolonged hours donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), grappling with health issues resulting from continuous use of N95 masks, facing rejections for childcare, enduring prolonged separation from families, and undergoing frequent testing, among various other sacrifices.

“That award is a symbol of the collective will and sacrifice of those who put their country before their own comfort.”

“It was earned, not bought. To put (the medal) up for sale dishonours and diminishes the significance of all that they did. Some things are simply not and cannot be for sale.”


According to The Straits Times (ST), a PMO spokesperson stressed that the medals serve as national awards honouring the contributions of individuals and teams across various sectors—public, private, and people—who played pivotal roles in Singapore’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The medals should be handled with respect, in accordance with the spirit with which they were presented.”

Online comments advocate for enhanced support and conditions for healthcare workers

Regarding a comment on the “honesthealthworker” Instagram account, an individual highlighted a preference for redirecting the investment linked to these medals to ensure all healthcare sectors receive adequate manpower, financial support, improved equipment, and more.

Another comment highlighted the urgency of HCWs with increased pay and improved working conditions.

She shared that her clients working in healthcare have delayed payments, raising concerns about potential financial crises they might be facing.

“The medal is nothing in comparison to the amount of hard work they put in and the risk they expose themselves to, they deserve more than a medal.”

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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Singapore PAP government Ministers will go after the person who sell the medals on Carousell as it affects their reputation

A piece of metal that ain’t worth shit when these locals need some cash instead to put food on the table.
Guess the 2 chicken wings given out to counter the high cost of living ain’t enough and even if these folks need to go Geyland to sell backside to get some cash, they will do so.
Who did these locals voted for?😆😆😆

Having said that, I dunno WHO will buy the medal and for what?!? As mentioned by Why?

Some people just dun understand that RESPECT cannot be forced upon. Just becos you dun sell the medal doesn’t mean you respect it. It is ultimately a Thing, just like a certificate you own through hardwork and earn it.

If a person already have difficulty in life. Do you think that medal is gog to help him. Of cos if selling it gog to help him put food on the table. Why NOT?!? He is not stealing.

You dun penalized ppl selling ART pieces to laundry money but wanna nit pick of ppl selling their medal. What a joke!

Don’t be alarmed pleaseeee !!!

For all of their efforts and selfless endeavours during Covid, … the front liners received rapturous clapping, thank you notes and a piece of metal from the government !!!

The clappings just a distant memory, … the notes have being recycled and all that’s left is to convert that piece of metal into hard cash.

Much like war veterans and ex pro football players auctioning/selling their medals and memorabilia, … to raise money during hard and tough times.

What respect?
Do respect reside in Dictators mindset?
Make themselves stupid in the eyes of Voters.

The health care workers risk their life and nearly forgotten as soon as c19 is over then get a lousy medal. With the raising cost of living and taxes, if the medal can bring some monetary value why not sell? No disrespect, but for me I will not buy, need to save cash to pay living expenses, all sorts of taxes like property tax and gst. The medal cannot pay for all these and food. Next time, just pay $100k to the each health care workers and keep the medal. But pay the $100k from the $10b you expedite in… Read more »

Misguided PAP Administration response – absolutely distasteful and uncalled for.
Medals ARE NOT THEIR PROPERTY ANYMORE – why should they BUDGE in to have ‘a nobody’s business’s concern’? Go to Effking Hell, bloody PAP Administration.

If they are concern, then it seems they regret having made a mistake to give out these medals.

Or when enterprising people make money out of their ‘concerns’ they the PAP Administration is BLOODY stupid.

those medals / awards / certificates from G have no value
the valuable ones always shared among themselves: salarie$$$, project$$$, etc.
didn’t you notice it?

Long service award
Best employee award
Top performer award..

All to motivate slaves…
Feel good for the awardees
Ultimately, what is the value..?

Might as well sell it to get money.
Might be less than $1..

LOL, another nonsense from Ah Loong – hands out citizenships so freely like toilet paper, it will of course be seen like toilet paper, hor. So, expected same-same with this C19 medals. Truly Kaya Son, thinks everything can be bought.