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U.S. Air Force pilot safely ejects as F-16 fighter jet crashes off South Korea’s coast

A U.S. Air Force pilot safely ejected from an F-16 before it crashed off the coast of South Korea on Monday.

As per the official statement, the pilot is currently being transported to Kunsan Air Base, and an investigation into the incident is underway.



On Monday (11 Dec), a U.S. Air Force pilot ejected from their F-16 fighter jet just before it crashed into the sea off South Korea’s southwestern coast.

Both U.S. and South Korean military officials confirmed the successful ejection and subsequent rescue operation.

The pilot, whose identity remains undisclosed, was promptly retrieved by South Korean maritime forces.

As per the U.S. 8th Fighter Wing, the pilot is “awake and in stable condition.”

In an official statement, the 8th Fighter Wing disclosed that the pilot is now en route to Kunsan Air Base near the port city of Gunsan, located in the southwestern part of the country.

At Kunsan Air Base, the aviator will undergo further evaluation.

The incident unfolded during what was described as a routine training flight.

The pilot took off from the joint U.S.-South Korean air base, only to encounter an unspecified in-flight emergency, compelling the decision to eject from the aircraft for his safety.

The 8th Fighter Wing, comprised of two F-16 squadrons, is actively investigating the root cause of the in-flight emergency.

Col. Matthew C. Gaetke, the commander of the 8th Fighter Wing, expressed gratitude for the swift and safe recovery of the airman by the Republic of Korea (ROK) Allies.

In an official statement, Col. Gaetke stated, “We are grateful for the safe recovery of our Airman by our ROK Allies and that the pilot is in good condition.”


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