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Tragic accident claims life of 76-year-old pedestrian in Pasir Ris

A 76-year-old pedestrian tragically lost her life in Pasir Ris after a collision with a taxi on Sunday evening.

The 58-year-old taxi driver has been arrested for careless driving causing death. Police investigations are ongoing.



SINGAPORE – In a heartbreaking incident on Sunday evening (10 Dec), a 76-year-old pedestrian lost her life after being involved in a collision with a taxi at the junction of Pasir Ris Rise and Pasir Ris Drive 3.

The Singapore Police Force was alerted to the accident at approximately 7:55 pm.

According to preliminary reports, the elderly woman was crossing the road when she was struck by a taxi making a right turn.

The impact left her unconscious, and she was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries.

Tragically, despite medical efforts, the 76-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries, marking a somber turn of events for her and her family.

The driver of the taxi, a 58-year-old male, has been identified by the police and taken into custody on charges of careless driving causing death.

The authorities are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The focus will likely be on determining the sequence of events leading up to the collision and whether any factors, such as speed or visibility, contributed to the tragic outcome.

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The country is way way too over crowded with such MGs and PGs and Covid had not done it work well in culling them.
Guess using rogue taxi or otherwise to remove these old fxxkers is going to be even slower than what Covid could do.
PAP might need to come out with a faster way to cull them!😆😆😆😆

This flaw traffic signal of “vehicles turning right + pedestrians crossing opposite” still has not yet been rectified over so many years and after so many pedestrians killed and injured.
What is LTA doing?
Vehicles with unpaid road taxes and insurances or fake licence plates or tinted windows and very bright led headlights,, can still travel on the roads brazenly.
No wonder that iguana is arrested for corruption. Take so much money but never work…
Now the people is watching the new TM Chee Hong Tua of his performance.

Driver may have been moving too fast to be able to stop. As our city is overcrowded, drivers must slow down in housing estates.

Age 60 and they start spreading COVID Virus and targeting the old for purging. Ask you to save your CPF for them the elites Not for you the citizens. See the MOH statistics!