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KTMB’s Shuttle Tebrau tickets may soon be priced at RM5 each way, says Malaysian Transport Minister

Malaysians using KTMB’s Shuttle Tebrau between Johor and Singapore may soon enjoy a flat rate of RM5 each way, as proposed by Transport Minister Anthony Loke.

The adjustment aims to eliminate fare disparities, providing a more affordable option for Malaysian citizens.



MALAYSIA: Malaysians using the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad’s (KTMB) Shuttle Tebrau between Johor and Singapore may soon be able to enjoy the train service at a flat rate of RM5 each way.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke disclosed that KTMB has proposed this adjustment to eliminate the current disparity in fares.

Currently, the price for a one-way ticket from Johor Bahru to Woodlands is RM5 (S$1.44), while the ticket for the return trip is S$5 (RM17.43). This pricing applies universally to all passengers, regardless of nationality.

If KTMB’s proposal is approved, it would result in a more affordable option for Malaysian citizens utilizing the train service.

Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke discusses plans for Shuttle Tebrau service and pricing adjustments

The news was announced by Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke on Sunday (10 Dec), reported The Star.

“I welcome the suggestion and will discuss the matter with the Land Public Transport Agency (Apad). We hope that it can be done by early next year,” Mr Loke said, noting that around 10,000 people use the Shuttle Tebrau on a daily basis.

He also mentioned that there is no need for Malaysia to engage in discussions with Singapore regarding the pricing adjustment, emphasizing that KTMB is a Malaysian entity.

When asked if the government had discussed with Singapore about continuing the shuttle service after the completion of the Johor Baru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link project, he said there was still time for that.

“That will be done later as there are still three years until the completion of the RTS Link. For now, we will focus on improving the service first,” he said.

On 26 October, Mr Loke told the Malaysian Parliament that the country would hold discussions with Singapore to continue the Shuttle Tebrau train service when the RTS Link becomes operational.

Under a previous bilateral agreement, one of the conditions is to cease Shuttle Tebrau operation six months after the RTS Link is completed, he said.

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This is exactly the REASON why we should NOT THROW AWAY OUR TAX DOLLARS to join the HSR.

We can support our MRT terminating in Johore to complement their HSR and all monies collected to be in S$.