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Good Samaritan drives Malaysian woman and son for free in 3-hour journey to attend husband’s wake in Seremban

In Malaysia, a compassionate man provided free transport to a grieving woman unable to afford a RM874 Grab ride fare for her husband’s wake.

Beyond a free nearly 3-hour ride to Seremban, he escorted her and her son back to Skudai the next day, earning widespread online praise for his altruism.



MALAYSIA: In a touching act of kindness, a Malaysian man went the extra mile to assist a mourning woman in attending her husband’s wake.

The woman, residing in Skudai, Johor, faced a daunting challenge as she couldn’t afford the staggering RM874 (approximately US$186) one-way Grab fare to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan where the wake was taking place.

Kind Samaritan offered a ride for free

On Saturday (9 Dec), the woman took to Facebook to express her desire to travel from Skudai in Johor to Seremban in Negeri Sembilan to attend her husband’s wake.

After checking Grab for the fare, she found it to be RM874 for a one-way trip, and a return trip would amount to more than RM1,700 (US$363).

Source: China Press

According to China Press, following her plea on Facebook, the woman received various suggestions.

These included recommendations to share her appeal in a private driver group or consider offers from individuals willing to drive her for a fee, with some offers reaching as high as RM1,000 (US$213).

However, an unexpected hero emerged when a generous man, not affiliated with Grab, learned of her predicament.

Despite not being a private-hire driver, he selflessly offered to drive the woman and her son to Seremban free of charge.

Initially, when asked about the fare, he inquired about the amount she could afford, and upon learning of her financial constraints, he decided to make the trip without any cost.

Nearly three hours journey to destination

The journey, spanning approximately two hours and 47 minutes according to Google Maps, was a significant gesture of kindness and empathy.

The woman later expressed her gratitude on Facebook, sharing an update around 10 pm on the same day and thanking the man for enabling her to bid a final farewell to her late husband.

“Thank you for allowing me to see my husband one last time,” she said.

In an interview with China Press, the humble Samaritan downplayed his altruistic act.

He mentioned that upon seeing the woman’s plea for help on Facebook and learning that she didn’t have much money, but her destination was not far from his hometown, he decided to assist them.

“I simply offered to give them a ride. I truly don’t think it’s anything significant. It’s something within my means, and I’m also heading home in the same direction.”

Additionally, he confirmed that he would be escorting the woman and her son back to Skudai on Sunday.

Encouraging others to cultivate kindness and gratitude, he said that people should try to have kind thoughts and be grateful that they’re able to help.

The selfless act of the unnamed hero garnered significant praise online.

Commenting on the China Press Facebook post, netizens expressed their best wishes for the good Samaritan, extending heartfelt gratitude for his ability to instil positive vibes within the community.

Several comments underscored that while there might have been other drivers heading toward the same destination, not all would be willing to extend such assistance.

They commended the man for going above and beyond, willingly taking the extra steps to aid the woman in reaching Seremban and later returning her safely to Skudai.

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