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Ya Kun Kaya Toast faces criticism as price for 12.5% increase for “Set A” meal

Ya Kun Kaya Toast faces criticism after a 12.5% increase in the price of Set A and allegedly up 31% from January 2021 as described by an unhappy Redditor commenter.



SINGAPORE – Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a popular breakfast spot in Singapore known for its tasty and budget-friendly offerings, has come under scrutiny following a Reddit thread on Wednesday, December 6.

The thread, initiated by user u/bumber123, highlighted a 12.5% increase in the price of Ya Kun Kaya Toast’s “Set A.”

The post mentioned that the cost has risen by 31% since January 2021, with a photo of the menu showing Set A now priced at S$6.30.

The user wrote in the caption, stating, “(The cost of) Yakun Set A price increased by 12.5% from today onwards. Up 31% from January 2021.”

Yakun set A price increased by 12.5% from today onwards. Up 31% from Jan2021.
byu/bumber123 inSingaporeRaw

Set A from the chain is the most basic option, consisting of two slices of Kaya Toast with butter, two soft-boiled eggs, and the choice of a regular hot beverage, either coffee or tea.

In April 2022, Set A was priced at S$5.60, and prior to that, it stood at S$4.80, likely the reference point for u/bumber123, the Reddit user who initiated the post.

The rise in price could be linked to the global phenomenon of inflation, notably heightened by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and escalating geopolitical tensions in recent years.

Dissatisfaction grows as prices surge at Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Based on the comments section, a significant number of users express dissatisfaction with the rise in prices.

One commenter noted, “It would cost them less than $1.50 if they were to purchase the ingredients at retail prices, so you can imagine at wholesale, it would be even lower.

“Of course, we have to consider staff costs, overhead, etc., but this highlights that their gross margin alone is quite high. Honestly, just do it yourself. I can make three sets at home,” the user said.

A user, echoing a similar viewpoint, raised a question about why individuals bother purchasing from the establishment, asserting that the food can be easily prepared at home.

Additionally, some users recommended exploring alternative locations if people were no longer inclined to support the chain.

A user mentioned that they stopped going to Ya Kun “ever since they jacked up their prices to ridiculous rates.”

Some of them proposed options such as Fun Toast or Toast Box, as well as hawker centres and kopitiams, noting that the toast prepared in these places is not only more affordable but also of good quality.

Meanwhile, a different user expressed that the increase in prices feels akin to “daylight robbery.”

Some individuals also characterize the cost of Set A as a “Not so value “value set.”

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High rentals, business costs and unscrupulous coffee shop operators/profiteers, and a G who seems to couldn’t care less?

What to expect?

After reading the comments, something is indeed very wrong. On the property front, the govt already imposed ridiculous tax like ABSD. Now they are increasing the property tax as well to another ridiculous level. All of these are imposed in the midst of another GST hike. In additions to all these, we need to face ridiculous external inflations. By rough estimate, I would say our cost of living have at least give up by 50-60%? Govt elsewhere is trying to curb the inflation, it seems like pAp is adding on to the inflation which affects locales as we are the… Read more »

For yakun, we could still boycott then for the prices increase. The increases in tax is the greater concern for us, why is the government doing this?

Saw comments on Singapore property tax, yes, it had gone up a lot especially if it is non owner occupied. It gone up by 60% or so from last year and even more from previous years. The biggest problem is the rental is not able to go up by the same %. 

Pee Air Pee is robbing the citizens.

I stay in an HDB apartment. Property tax increased by 29.1% compared to last year. What’s new in Singapore other than hikes that never go down.

To sum it all in one word. Complicity.

I have all along noted that the prices at such places like Ya Kun are ridiculous. I simply don’t patronise these outlets. Pray tell how difficult to prepare your own toast, boil soft boiled eggs and get that cuppa be it coffee or tea. Sure, it may not be as crispy as the toast at these outlets but imagine the savings. So, those who lament the increased prices at Ya Kun, I say you have the option to not spend your money there. And don’t forget, one can almost guarantee another round of price increase come 2024 because of GST… Read more »

I have never thought of Ya Kun Kaya Toast as a “budget friendly” option. Once again, Singaporean’s incredible need to complain about everything shines. This is a private business, if you do not like their price increases, stop patronising their stores.

I suspect this won’t happen and the same people who complain will continue to eat at Ya Kun unchanged. After all, that’s what we see for every general election since 2011. Rhetoric criticising the incumbents that never materialises at the ballot box. The 70% never change.

Why CASE did NOT, has NOT take the PAP to task for shooting UP SG COL?

The Chief Ganster, PAP Administration, Lawless, arrogant, manipulative sets the tone for Sheegapore being the World’s Most Expensive followed by VERY LAME EXCUSES to lay blames on others SHOULD BE INCARCERATED, nothing much to do with Ya Kun who just follow PAP. Don’t blame Ya Kun.

61% voted for such increases, so dun complain now. Just wait next year, another 1% increase in GST which will snowball overall prices another 10-30%.

Understandably, … everyone’s meant and should “make a living”, but not a “killing” surely, and especially not, at the expense of sweet smelling and serenely subservient SillyPoreans !!!

YaKun’s just another in a long line of entities, … making hay or rather, a killing whilst the SillyPore sun shines !!!

i dunno why you jokers say YaKun is “budget friendly”. they’ve been slowly jacking prices ever since they became “famous”. you want budget, go buy some toast and eggs set from a small no-name coffeeshop. even in Orchard Rd area, you can find set for less than 4 SGD in some of the older malls, like the one near Cuppage,which i forgot the name of.

Toast Box also got expensive long ago. but you can still buy their cheaper buns from bakery section and tabao.
Fun Toast is currently the “cheapest” of these all-day kopitam-style brekky restaurants.

Recently, my property tax went up by about 55% from last year, no thanks to IRAS.

Nice to eat meh? Overpriced !! Dont be a fooled by branding

Dun keep blaming on Pandemic. Go blame on the Empire Overlords who want to Stay Critical.

GST Hike

It’s better wef .