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Teachers in Malaysian rural school lauded online for addressing students’ lice issues through washing and treatment

Malaysian teachers in a rural school win online acclaim for their kindness, addressing students’ lice concerns and promoting hygiene. A touching story of educators going beyond the classroom for their community.



MALAYSIA: A TikTok video showcasing teachers from a primary school in Malaysia providing lice treatment and washing students’ hair has rapidly gained viral status, accumulating over 2 million views since its posting on 6 December.

The 59-second video, shared by a teacher using the username “cikguoffroad,” emphasizes the importance of hygiene and has drawn attention from netizens who laud the teachers’ compassionate actions.

In the video, teachers at the school, located in Gua Musang, Kelantan, considered one of the most rural in the state, are seen washing students’ hair on the school grounds.

The footage captures teachers diligently combing hair and applying what appears to be lice treatment shampoo.

Additionally, some teachers are shown meticulously picking lice from a student’s head.

The educator, speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, explained that the school, situated in the wilderness on the border of Kelantan and Perak, treats students like their own children.

Many students, arriving at a young age, reside in the school’s hostel.

The teachers extend their care, recognizing that some students may lack such facilities at home.

The accompanying TikTok caption states, “I just want to share a story that not a lot of people know, some may praise while some may criticize.

But it is our duty not only to educate but also to treat students like our children. The students going to school alone are enough to make us proud because, at school, they have everything. So, this is our story from rural areas.”

Netizens express admiration and share similar experiences

The video, which has gained significant attention, is brimming with comments from netizens expressing their admiration for the teachers.

Some also shared experiences that resonated with both the teachers and students.

One netizen expressed enduring respect for teachers, even in their 50s, and wished for the well-being of teachers in Malaysia.

Another pointed out the tendency for people to criticize teachers and expressed hope for the teachers to stay strong for their students.

“In an occupation often subject to envy and criticism, teachers succeed for the nation. Thank you, teachers.”

Another netizen was deeply moved by the dedication of the teachers and expressed a wish for them to always be blessed.

A subsequent comment from a netizen praised the teachers for their kindness and honesty in fulfilling their roles as educators.

A commenter shared that her husband had experience dealing with students’ lice problems. She recounted an incident where her husband noticed something moving on a student’s head, only to discover it was infested with lice.

Another teacher shared her experience of helping kindergarten students with lice, extending her assistance even outside of school for those living nearby.

Meanwhile, some netizens shared their own childhood experiences of getting lice from others.

One person shared, “I had a friend with lice, and because I was scared to sleep alone in the school dorm, we slept close to each other, and I ended up getting lice as well.”

You can watch the video heartwarming video here.

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