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Four children found deceased in Jakarta, father suspected of familicide

In Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, a tragic incident occurred where four children, aged 1 to 6, were found deceased in their rented home. The father, Panca, was found injured at the scene alongside a suspected suicide note.



JAKARTA, INDONESIA — Four children, consisting of two girls and two boys aged 6, 4, 3, and 1, were found lifeless in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, arranged in a row on a mattress in the bedroom of their rented house.

Authorities suspect the children’s father, who was discovered in the bathroom with injuries and a knife nearby, may be responsible for their deaths.

The 40-year-old man named Panca survived and is being treated in a hospital. There is a preliminary suspicion that the injuries on Panca’s body might be indicative of a suicide attempt.

This suspicion is supported by the discovery of a bloodstained note next to Panca’s body, which read, “Are you satisfied, Bunda? Thanks for all.”

According to the local news, Yakub, the head of the neighbourhood association (RT), revealed that the detection of the four bodies came from residents’ complaints about a foul smell coming from the rented house.

The unpleasant smell had been noticeable since the morning of Wednesday (6 December). Yakub and the locals then decided to take matters into their own hands by breaking down the door because the house occupants did not answer when they were called.

The residents managed to get into the house at around 3 pm local time and found the victims. Yakub promptly contacted the police to attend to the victims.

In an interview, one of the victims’ neighbours, Titin, said that the victims were last seen on Sunday afternoon, paling in front of their houses as usual. She also mentioned that Panca is currently unemployed and his wife is the sole breadwinner for the family.

The Chief of South Jakarta Metro Police, Kombes Ade Ary Syam Indradi, told local media that Panca had been reported by his brother-in-law on Saturday for suspected domestic violence against his wife.

Although the police have summoned Panca, he has not been available, citing the responsibility of caring for his four children while his wife is in the hospital.

It’s also known that the mother of the four victims has been hospitalized since Saturday, but it remains unclear whether her hospitalization is related to the reported domestic violence incident.

This case is under further investigation.

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