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JB Checkpoint faces over 12 hours of power outage

The Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex faced a 12-hour power outage from 8 pm on Tuesday.

Johor’s Chief Minister, Onn Hafiz Ghazi, confirmed the issue on social media, expressing dismay over the commuter inconvenience, labeling it an “embarrassment for the state.”



JOHOR, MALAYSIA: Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex (CIQ BSI) has reportedly experienced a power outage for over 12 hours, starting from 8 pm on Tuesday (5 Dec).

According to the Malaysian Chinese media outlet Oriental Daily News, the CIQ BSI encountered a power outage around 8 p.m., resulting in the automatic clearance systems shutting down.

This situation has compelled individuals entering or leaving the country to undergo manual passport stamping, causing overcrowding in the halls of the JB Checkpoint.

Malaysians commuting to Singapore took to the Facebook group “JB-Singapore both Checkpoint sharing site” to share the complex’s situation.

One commuter, at 11:41 pm on Tuesday, was shocked to find the complex experiencing a blackout and inquired about the cause.

In response to this post, another group member shared a video showing visible smoke outside the complex, suspecting a possible fire outbreak causing the power supply outage at the JB checkpoint.

Another post in the group mentioned that the power outage had still not been restored by Wednesday morning.

A commuter’s post at 5 am described the complex as “dark as night,” while another video depicted the absence of lighting and air conditioning inside the complex, with long queues waiting for customs clearance.

Several internet users noted the lack of illumination in the corridors within the complex, making it so dark that people had to use the flashlights on their mobile phones to navigate.

Meanwhile, an update on the condition at the JB checkpoint was posted at 7 am on Wednesday.

The commuter mentioned, “From last night until now, it’s been in a blackout state, possibly due to something being damaged during the thunderstorm yesterday.”

“The immigration officers handled the situation well. Despite the heavy congestion, they opened a reverse channel, and while there are still a lot of people, the pace has increased.”
Another comment highlighted that immigration officers had to manually stamp passports for commuters, and they increased their speed to clear the crowding at the complex.

Responding to a commuter’s query about the restoration of the outage at the JB checkpoint, a comment at 9:26 pm mentioned that the power supply seemed to have been restored, but the automatic gate clearance was still not functional.

Despite checking the official social media page of CIQ BSI, there have been no updates regarding the outage.


Johor Chief Minister: “Embarrassment for the state”

However, Onn Hafiz Ghazi, the Johor Chief Minister, addressed the issue on Wednesday morning via Facebook, confirming the power outage at the JB checkpoint.

He expressed concern over the inconvenience caused to commuters, labelling it as “embarrassment for the state.”

Emphasizing the urgency, he stated that both the Malaysian electricity company TNB and the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) were instructed to resolve the issue promptly.

A screenshot of the notice he shared indicated scheduled power supply maintenance work from 8 pm on Tuesday to 4 am on Wednesday.

It remains unclear why the outage was extended for over 4 additional hours beyond the scheduled maintenance period.

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