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ComfortDelGro to raise fares by S$0.50 from 13 Dec amid rising fuel costs and upcoming GST hike

Singapore’s largest taxi operator, ComfortDelGro, has announced a fare increase effective from 13 December, which includes a S$0.50 rise in flagdown rates and adjustments to peak hour surcharges, reportedly in response to rising fuel prices and impending GST hikes.



Singapore’s largest taxi operator, ComfortDelGro, has announced a fare hike effective 13 December, which it says is in response to escalating operating expenses driven by higher fuel prices, inflation, and the forthcoming Goods & Services Tax (GST) increase.

The revision will see flagdown fares of ComfortDelGro’s main fleet, excluding limousine taxis, rise by S$0.50 (US$0.37).

Additionally, the charge for distances and waiting times will increase to S$0.26, up by S$0.01. This adjustment means that a typical 10km off-peak journey in a normal taxi will now cost approximately 6.8% more, increasing from S$13.80 to S$14.74.

However, limousine taxis will maintain their current flagdown rates, though their distance and waiting time charges will see a slight increase from S$0.35 to S$0.36.

Alongside these changes, ComfortDelGro is also adjusting its peak hour surcharge timings. The evening peak hour surcharge will extend by an hour, now covering 5pm to 11.59pm daily, including weekends and public holidays.

Additionally, a new peak hour surcharge will be introduced from 10am to 1.59pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

This fare increase follows a previous adjustment in March of the preceding year, which was the first in a decade. Earlier in 2023, ComfortDelGro had also introduced a platform fee increase of S$0.70 for rides booked through its CDG Zig app, aligning with charges imposed by other ride-hailing platforms in Singapore.

The upcoming fare adjustments are said to be a necessary move by the company to aid taxi drivers in coping with the rising costs of operation, ensuring their sustainable livelihood amidst the challenging economic climate. GST will be increased from 8% to 9% on 1 January 2024.

ComfortDelGro is reported to operate a fleet of 8,700 cabs, which comprises a significant portion of the 13,861 taxis currently in service in Singapore.

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Anyone can claim, without proving the quantum of the hike, that due to inflation, climate change or any reason the hike is required.
But most importantly, lotas of singaporeans will just say Boh Bian to all Policies since Old man was roaming around. We can deduce that if election were abolish they would say the same. Many are brainwashed such that their subconscious and conscious mind regards gov as unchallengable.

And this behavior also probe they do not really desire nor find a need for election.

Up ah….up ah…end of Dec 2023 not even there yet!
Btw, how’s the 2 chicken wings?

Remember next yr Jan 2024, better get the 2 whole chicken ready, O.K?
It’s PAY BACK TIME, Dafty!!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

This can only be achieved here, in Singapore. Demand is false Supply is false. Both are being deliberately manipulated by the Gov, NTUC and platforms. The simplest is to choke off the supply of taxis, and private hire vehicles. Choke off supply of MRT and buses after a certain time. Demand is also artificial. When the supply of COE is choked off. People have to resort to other means… And they have the cheek to remove bus services just because it duplicates the route and destination of an MRT line. Efficiency..?? Rubbish. Its to allow the operators to make money… Read more »

I remember Taxi flag down fare was $2.40 for many years the jump to $3.60 and crossing $5 soon.

Due to rising fuel price? Crude oil price have fallen from a high of US$110 last year to US$77 now. So are we hearing something wrong?

Last edited 6 months ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

Hello , Hello ,

Watch Pig

Gst hike , where got such thing ?

Hello , Hello !

Where is the Public Transport Council ?