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Singaporean family awakens in Bali villa to discover S$3,000 worth of cash and valuables missing

A Singaporean family trip in Bali turned into dismay upon discovering their villa they had been ransacked, resulting in a loss of approximately S$3,000 worth of cash and valuables, including bags and wallets.

Suspecting a break-in via a faulty sliding door, the villa manager blamed the family instead, claiming the door was fine and implying their negligence in locking up at night.




BALI, INDONESIA: A Singaporean family’s idyllic vacation in Canggu, Bali took a distressing turn when they discovered their four-bedroom villa had been ransacked, resulting in a loss of approximately S$3,000 (approximately US$2,241) worth of cash and valuable belongings, including bags and wallets.

Redha Indra, a 28-year-old tech professional, shared the harrowing details of this unfortunate event via his Facebook page last Thursday (30 Nov).

In his Facebook post, he recounted how their holiday turned into a nightmare when they fell victim to a robbery in the middle of the night.

The impacted group comprised nine adults, among them two elderly individuals, along with three children, who had meticulously planned a trip to Bali.

Their reservation spanned from 25 November to 2 December, with Villa Kenza in Canggu booked as their residence during this period.

The incident of the intruder unveiled by CCTV footage

On a day filled with the promise of Bali exploration, Redha and his family, eager to embark on adventures from their villa were instead met with distressing news the following morning.

Overnight, their anticipation turned into dismay upon discovering their villa had been ransacked, resulting in a loss of approximately S$3,000 worth of cash and valuables, including bags and wallets.

The unsettling reality hit hard when the family, geared up for a day of excitement, encountered opened bags and pouches near the dining area, revealing missing contents and a disarrayed scene.

Subsequently, Redha took to his Facebook page to share the provided CCTV footage from Villa Kenza, shedding light on the incident.

The footage revealed a blurry figure jumping over the low wall surrounding the villa.

Additionally, it captured a motorcycle with its headlights off circling the villa multiple times during the night, as well as another motorcycle leaving the premises.

However, it remained uncertain if both motorcycles were associated with the incident.

Divergent accounts emerged regarding the intruder’s entry point.

While a family member asserted the intruder accessed through a faulty sliding door, the management contended the door was functional, implying a lapse in securing it by the family.

In response to the incident, the affected family promptly filed a police report in Bali, as reported by The Straits Times (ST).

The differing viewpoints, combined with the compelling evidence from the CCTV footage, introduced intricate layers to the evolving situation.

Redha’s discerning observations highlighted the intruder’s peculiar focus on the dining area. This seemed perplexing as the stolen belongings originally belonged to various rooms and shelves, distant from the central dining space.

Conflicting accounts between guests and management

Expressing their disappointment, Redha conveyed their dissatisfaction with the property manager, Tina, who shockingly shifted the blame onto his family.

“To make matters worse, the Property Manager, Tina, was less than helpful and shockingly pushed the blame onto us,” he remarked.

One family member asserted that the thief gained access to the villa through a malfunctioning sliding door.

Redha shared a video on Facebook revealing that the sliding door could not be secured with a key, regardless of how it was turned.

Upon reviewing the CCTV footage, Redha speculated that the thief likely entered the villa by scaling the low wall near the problematic sliding door.

“There was no dedicated security for the villa,” Redha noted, highlighting the absence of on-site security personnel.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the manager only communicated with them over the phone and did not make a physical appearance.

In response to queries from the ST, the villa’s management, Azure International Bali, contradicted Redha’s account, asserting that the information about the doors and staff provided by him was inaccurate.

The company insisted that the sliding doors were in perfect condition both before and after the guests’ departure, challenging Redha’s claim about the faulty door.

Azure International Bali alleged that the guests had not locked the doors at night, placing the responsibility squarely on the family.

Villa management responds to robbery incident

The company emphasized that the theft was deemed “an unfortunate event beyond our control.”

In response to the incident, they asserted their cooperation by providing full assistance to the affected guest, promptly reporting the occurrence to local authorities, and notifying the insurance company to expedite the claims process.

Taking proactive steps, an employee from the villa accompanied the family as they filed a report with the local police on 30 November.

Despite having paid for two additional nights, the family decided to vacate the villa on the same day they discovered the burglary, underlining the gravity of the situation and their unease with continuing their stay.

Reflecting on the harrowing experience, Redha expressed the alarming realization that the theft occurred while they were inside the villa, sound asleep.

This aspect heightened the fear, as he pointed out that the presence of the family members, including children, during the incident raised concerns about potential harm.

Redha underscored the frightening possibility of abduction or injury, especially if the intruder had been armed.

Redha stresses the importance of safety and accountability in accommodation selection

In his Facebook post, Redha underscored the importance of safety and accountability in choosing accommodations, expressing deep concern about their experience at Villa Kenza.

He urged others to take heed of their ordeal, stating, “I want to bring attention to this incident in the hope that it prevents others from facing similar ordeals. Please think twice before considering Villa Kenza for your stay.”

Redha lamented how a joyful experience can turn into a nightmare due to the negligence of those responsible for the safety and well-being of guests.

He concluded with a sincere plea for others to stay safe and travel wisely, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness and caution.

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