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Cat trapped in Bedok Reservoir canal for three days rescued by men; SCDF allegedly redirected to NPark upon alert

A team of men mobilized to rescue a trapped cat in a Bedok Reservoir drain, earning praise from the online community.

One rescuer revealed the cat endured three days stuck there. Earlier, a concerned lady contacted SCDF for assistance but allegedly faced redirection to NPark.




SINGAPORE: A team of men mobilized to rescue a cat trapped in a drain at Bedok Reservoir, where the unfortunate feline had reportedly been stuck for several days.

The rescue mission unfolded after a man named Zulawab noticed the cat, described as a black-and-white kitten.

Zul captured the unfolding events in a TikTok video posted on Friday (1 Dec), shedding light on the efforts made to save the stranded cat.

In his TikTok post, Zul highlighted that he was informed by a concerned lady about the cat’s plight, reportedly stuck in the drainage for a harrowing three days.

According to Zul, the lady initially contacted the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) for help but was allegedly redirected to the National Parks Boards (NPark).


WATCH TILL THE END. The cat was in the drainage for f*cking 3 days as i was told by a lady that called @Singapore Civil Defence Force and they diverted to @National Parks Board Singapore Singapore.. 3 Bloody days… Thank you Fiq and Mohammed from Team Savage Rigging for coming down from Sungai Kadut to Bedok Reservoir.. Respect to you both.#catrescue

♬ original sound – zulawab – zulawab

Zul recounted that he encountered the cat around 5:00 pm while concluding his run for the day.

Strangely, he felt compelled to take a path he had never traversed before.

In response to inquiries from Mothership, Zul mentioned, “I never even once walked on that path, but gut feeling told me to walk on that path, and that was when I saw the cat.”

Lacking proper equipment at the time, Zul attempted to descend into the drain, feeling a sense of urgency as rain was imminent.

However, he faced the challenge of finding an access point to enter or exit the drain.

As the rain intensified, the canal began filling up with water, further complicating the situation.

Realizing the need for assistance and equipment, Zul contacted his wife, requesting her to bring essential items such as a rope, umbrella, towels, and other rescue tools.

In the face of rising water levels, the cat resorted to clinging to the side of the drain to avoid being swept away, showcasing its survival instinct.

Savvy team effort retrieves cat trapped in drain, demonstrating expertise and compassion

Recognizing the challenge at hand, Zul acknowledged that he couldn’t tackle the rescue alone.

Consequently, he reached out to two acquaintances affiliated with Savage Access Pte Ltd, who possess the necessary technical expertise and equipment for abseiling and drain entry.

With the requisite gear, they geared up for a rescue mission.

Syafiq and Mohanmad, both on-site for a job in the Sungei Kadut area of Choa Chu Kang, swiftly redirected their efforts to the east upon Zul’s urgent call.

By the time they commenced the rescue operation, night had already fallen.

Despite the darkness, the TikTok footage portrayed the two men donning smiles as they navigated the rain-drenched scenario, equipped with harnesses and headlamps.

In the course of the rescue, the cat, seemingly uneasy, continuously evaded the duo’s attempts, darting away.

Undeterred, the determined men pursued the feline into a seemingly pitch-black drain.

Remarkably, within a mere four minutes, they emerged triumphant, having safely secured the cat in a carrier.

The entire rescue operation concluded in under 30 minutes, a testament to their efficiency.

Expressing gratitude in the video, Zul extended repeated thanks to the duo for their invaluable assistance.

Online applause and blessings pour in as heroic cat rescue video goes viral

With a staggering 452 thousand views, the video captured the attention of netizens who expressed gratitude towards Zul and the others involved in the cat rescue mission.

The online community commended their willingness to step up and rescue the stranded feline, with some going so far as to dub them heroes and invoking blessings for their life-saving efforts.


A particular netizen extended a heartfelt salute, stating, “Salute to you guys! Happy to know that there are people who do have humanity towards animals because of the love you all have for animals. God bless you.” This sentiment underscored the appreciation for the humane actions of the rescue team.

Questions arise as authorities allegedly fail to respond

However, some netizens have expressed concern regarding why the cat remained trapped in the drainage for three days, especially after the lady had reportedly notified the SCDF earlier, as conveyed by Zul.

Several individuals mentioned that the SCDF typically conducts rescue operations for cats stuck in drainage systems.

Meanwhile, another netizen shared an experience of reaching out to NParks when a cat was stuck in a tree. However, NParks redirected them to ACRES, who then directed the caller to contact SPCA. This passing around of responsibility eventually led back to NParks.

The cat is taken care of by NParks

Expressing concern for the cat’s well-being, another netizen inquired, “Please tell me the cat is well taken care of by someone,” while simultaneously expressing gratitude to Zul for his courageous intervention.

In response to this concern, Zul reassured the netizen that the cat is currently in the care of NParks and is receiving the necessary attention and care.


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From the video, it seems about 4-5 men were involved, not the 2 as mentioned. And some of them have jackets identifying “NPark Contractor” on the back. Just wondering if NPark did in fact sent the men/team to effect the rescue.

Kindness towards animals is more rewarding than towards humans.

The cat is with NParks and you think it is well taken care of? If by “taken care of” you mean it has been “humanely euthanised” then you may be right. Hellooo … it is NFucks. They are the ones who killed a crocodile who was minding its own business.

Good Job