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RM5,000 reward offered by Malaysian Animal Association for leads on suspect in Jerantut Market kitten drowning case

The Malaysian Animal Association is offering a RM5,000 reward for information leading to the identification of the individual responsible for the dreadful act of drowning 15 kittens at the Jerantut Market in Pahang.




PAHANG, MALAYSIA: A disturbing incident unfolded in Jerantut Market, Pahang, on 29 November, where an individual callously took the lives of 15 kittens through drowning.

The Malaysia Animal Association brought this heinous act to light through a post, shedding light on the tragic event that occurred on that fateful day.

The reprehensible act came to the attention of a concerned resident in Jerantut on the night of 29 November.

This individual promptly reported the incident to the Malaysian Animal Association around 8:00 pm on the same day.

Subsequently, a police report was lodged at the Jerantut Police Station on Thursday (30 Nov), underscoring the severity of the crime committed.

Driven by a commitment to justice and compassion for the innocent lives lost, the Malaysian Animal Association has turned to the public for assistance in identifying the perpetrator.

The organization has announced a reward of RM5,000 (US$1,070) for anyone who successfully uncovers information leading to the arrest of the cruel individual responsible for this gruesome act.

In a plea for justice, the organization emphasized the urgency of preventing such brutality from recurring, expressing their deep concern for the welfare of animals.

Individuals willing to provide information or act as witnesses are encouraged to contact the Malaysia Animal Crime Transparency (MyAct) hotline at 010-5394749.

The organization has assured the public that the identity of witnesses will be kept confidential to safeguard their well-being.

Emphasizing their commitment to accountability, the Malaysian Animal Association affirmed that any information leading to the apprehension of the perpetrator will be handled discreetly.

The organization underscored the importance of bringing the psychopathic criminal to trial, ensuring that justice is served for the brutal act of cruelty inflicted upon the defenseless kittens.

In accordance with the law, the individual responsible for this act of animal cruelty could face both fines and imprisonment.

As per the Malaysian Animal Welfare Act 2015, individuals found guilty of animal cruelty offences may face penalties, including a fine ranging from RM 20,000 (US$4,276) to RM 100,000 (US$21,381) or imprisonment for up to 3 years, or both.

The Malaysian Animal Association seeks not only justice for the victims but also aims to deter potential offenders and protect the well-being of animals in the community.

Outrage erupts on Malaysian Animal Association’s social media over shocking incident of 15 kittens drowned to death

The incident described in the Malaysian Animal Association’s Facebook and Instagram comment sections left many users visibly shocked.

The sheer cruelty displayed by the individual responsible evoked strong reactions from the online community.

Expressing their deep dismay, one Facebook user took a spiritual approach, offering a prayer for the wrongdoer.

They wished for perpetual unrest in the individual’s soul, a persistent burden on their conscience, and swift karma.

The intensity of the user’s words underscored the gravity of the act and its impact on the collective sentiments of those engaged in the discussion.


Another user on Facebook emphasized the inevitable consequences awaiting the perpetrator, asserting that they would ultimately pay the price for the torment inflicted upon the defenseless kittens.

The user’s compassionate plea extended to a hope that the kittens have found solace in a kinder realm, away from the harshness of this cruel world.


Turning to Instagram, a user pointed out the alarming trend of escalating animal abuse, lamenting the perceived lack of consequences for such actions.

The user expressed a stark concern that, unless there is a shift in the legal response, those responsible for such heinous acts may continue their cruelty unchecked.


On a more assertive note, another user on Instagram called for justice for the kittens.

They advocated for stringent punishment, proposing a jail term of one or two years and physical chastisement with two whippings for intentionally taking the lives of 15 kittens.

The user’s plea aimed not only at securing justice for innocent animals but also at fostering a broader understanding of the sanctity of all living creatures.


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