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Tangs Market food court temporarily closes on 30 Nov for cleaning following rat incident

The Tangs Food Court in Singapore closed on Thursday for thorough cleaning after a viral video showed a rat falling onto a food tray.

In an earlier joint statement, NEA and SFA expressed their intention to take enforcement action against the building management due to rat infestation.



SINGAPORE: In response to a widely circulated video depicting a rat falling from the ceiling onto a food tray, Tangs Market announced the closure of its food court on Thursday (30 Nov) for extensive cleaning and sanitization.

The incident was captured in a viral video, and the closure aims to address the concerns raised by the public.

Cleaning and sanitization in progress

On Wednesday (29 Nov), a spokesperson for CK Tang confirmed to Singapore state media the Straits Times that a scheduled session of cleaning and sanitization by pest control vendors was planned for the night.

This comes after one session had already been completed the day before.

The spokesperson reported that the Singapore Food Authority (SFA) and National Environment Agency (NEA) conducted checks within 72 hours of the incident, on 27 Nov at 9:55 pm and again on 28 Nov at 10 am, to identify and address the issues.

In light of the incident, Tangs Market will see an increase in the frequency of pest control checks and servicing, along with enhanced cleaning and sanitization measures.

Previously, in a joint statement on 28 Nov, NEA and SFA expressed their intent to take enforcement action against the building management for rat infestation.

Additionally, enforcement action will be taken against five food shops found with hygiene lapses.

Tangs reassured the public that it will collaborate closely with the authorities to conduct heightened checks within its premises, prioritizing the safety and hygiene of its food court.

The closure on Thursday is part of the retailer’s commitment to ensuring a clean and secure environment for its patrons.


Rat lying on a tray in Tangs Market Food Court

On Monday (27 Nov), a video was posted on the “Singapore Laughs” Facebook page, which quickly gained traction, raising concerns about hygiene and safety at the food court.

In the 55-second video, diners can be seen pointing out the rodent to each other, displaying shock on their faces, and it shows a big rat lying on a tray with seemingly untouched food in the middle of a food court.

The rodent, initially motionless, suddenly began twitching and moving its paws intermittently. Whether the rat was injured or simply enjoying an afternoon repose remains unclear.

However, despite the unsettling scene, customers carried on with their meals, and others continued to navigate the food court without paying much attention to the unexpected visitor.

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The food court is NOT the one which needs CLEANING.
It is the current governing system that needs CLEANING
No wonder if you local fucks keep cleaning the wrong things, even the RAT NEED TO ‘DROP BY’ TO TELL YOU FOLKS HAVE BEEN DOING THE WRONG CLEANING!😆😆😆🤣🤣😆😆😆

SG overflowing with Corruption and Rats … So rats spewing out from everywhere. Worst anyhow label hostages as rats for their Empire convenience.