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Double collision involving Porsche and motorcycles on AYE, three hospitalized

A Porsche driver on AYE faces dual collisions in rapid succession, involving motorcycles. Dashcam footage reveals the unexpected incidents, prompting varied opinions on social media.

SCDF responds, confirming three hospitalizations. The viral video prompts debates on fault, with contrasting perspectives on motorcyclists and the Porsche driver’s actions.



SINGAPORE – On the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), a Porsche driver found himself involved in not one, but two collisions in rapid succession.

The incident, captured on dashcam footage, has left both motorcyclists and the Porsche driver in an unfortunate and perplexing situation.

Double collision captured on dashcam

Based on the timestamp on the dashcam footage, the double collision occurred at approximately 5:55 pm on Tuesday, Nov 28.

The video starts with a black Porsche attempting to change lanes, colliding with a motorcycle and its two riders in the process.

The impact sent the motorcyclists sprawling onto the road, prompting shocked reactions from witnesses captured on the dashcam.

“Oh!” exclaims a man in the camcar, expressing disbelief at the unfolding scene.

Seemingly concerned for the well-being of the downed motorcyclists, the Porsche driver stops his car behind them, possibly attempting to shield them from oncoming traffic.

However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when the driver opens his car door to check on the riders.

In a moment of oversight, the Porsche driver fails to check his side mirror, and a lane-splitting motorcycle collides with the open front door, surprising the man in the camcar once again.

The rider of the second motorcycle scrapes against the side of another white vehicle before tumbling to the asphalt.

The Porsche driver briefly displays exasperation at the unexpected turn of events before going over to check on both sets of motorcyclists.

SCDF responds to AYE collision: Porsche and motorcycles involved

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) confirmed that they received an alert about a collision on the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) heading towards the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) around 5:55 pm on Tuesday (Nov 28).

As reported by The Straits Times (ST), three individuals were transported to the hospital in the aftermath of the incident, which implicated a Porsche and two motorcycles.

The injured parties comprised a 20-year-old female pillion rider and two male motorcyclists aged 20 and 48.

All three were conveyed to the National University Hospital (NUH) for medical attention.

ST cited the police, noting that the collision, occurring after the Clementi Road exit, involved three cars and two motorcycles.

Varied opinions on Motorbike-Car collision: Who’s at fault?

The video, having gone viral, has been reposted on various social media platforms.

Looking at the comments, the viewpoints of commentators vary widely; some attribute the fault primarily to the motorcyclist, while others blame the driver, and some suggest that the driver is merely unlucky.

One commenter expressed the opinion that the bikers bear “more fault” than the Porsche.

They reasoned that the car, attempting a lane change, had done so gradually, and they also noted that it is challenging to check the blind spot when the car is in a completely straight position.

However, he acknowledged that for the second collision, perhaps the fault lies with the Porsche for not checking before opening the door, suggesting that the driver might have been panicking and not thinking clearly in that moment.

Another Reddit user also believes that the fault lies with the motorcyclists, drawing on their 5-6 years of riding a bike and 2 years of driving a car.

They express the ability to understand the situation from both perspectives.

Yet, another user who holds a different opinion questioned why the majority seems to support the Porsche, asserting that the Porsche “did not have the right of way.”

Additionally, one user expresses their opinion, saying, “Why do drivers believe that simply activating their turn signal gives them the right to enter other lanes?”

They later added that drivers should signal in advance but should only proceed when certain it’s safe to do so.

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Lane splitting is motorcyclists favourite way of riding to get ahead. But when they get hurt, it’s the driver’s fault. What can drivers say?

From the video it can be seen that the car lit up his emergency signal filtering to the 2nd lane slowly as it was blocked on the 1st lane by a white car. The 1st motorbike which hit the filtering car on the left flank was definitely traveling at speed and the impact of his fall and the damage on his bike as well as the damage of the car on the left will determine the speed he was traveling in. The 2nd biker was a no brainer. He was squeezing between 2 cars – the stalled white car on… Read more »