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Malaysian authorities apprehend 13-year-old teenager in Kedah for attempting to stab E-hailing driver

On Monday, Malaysian authorities arrested a 13-year-old teenager in Kedah for a failed attempted robbery.

Viral dashcam footage showed the teenager attempting to stab a 65-year-old e-hailing driver during a fee dispute.



MALAYSIA: A dashcam footage capturing the attempt of a 13-year-old teenager to stab an e-hailing driver before fleeing from the vehicle in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia, gained widespread attention on social media.

The incident occurred on Monday (27 Nov) around 5.43 pm.

Fortunately, the 65-year-old driver was unharmed when the knife struck the seatbelt instead.

Acting swiftly, the driver bit the teenager’s arm, compelling the assailant to flee.

Kuala Muda district police chief Zaidy Che Hassan provided details, stating that the incident originated when the driver picked up the teenager in Taman Keladi for a drop-off in Bandar Sri Astana, as reported by New Straits Times.

During the journey to Bandar Sri Astana, the teenager requested to borrow RM50 to cover rent.

Upon being informed that the lack of funds would result in being dropped off, the teenager refused and requested to be taken to his house in Bandar Sri Astana to retrieve the money for the ride.

However, upon reaching Bandar Sri Astana, the teenager changed his request, asking to be driven back to Taman Keladi.

Despite the elderly driver receiving a payment of RM18, the teenager caused delays by taking him through several lanes.

Due to the additional routes, an extra RM9 was requested upon reaching the destination.

A disagreement arose when the passenger, who initially provided RM20, threatened to stab the driver’s left chest during the change exchange, attempting to snatch money from his pocket.

In a quick and decisive act of self-defense, the elderly driver grabbed the knife and bit the teenager’s hand, prompting the teenager to flee, and the driver remained unharmed, as highlighted by Zaidy.

It was revealed that the teenager, the eldest of four siblings from an intact family, acted out of anger towards the driver for being scolded, leading to an attempt to reclaim the fare.

A report was filed around 8 pm, and the teenager was detained two hours later.

Authorities also seized a 25cm long knife carried by the teenager.

The case is currently under investigation under Section 393 of the Penal Code for attempted robbery.

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