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Thai paralympic athlete groom turns wedding celebration into tragedy, shooting rampage leaves five dead

A Paralympic athlete’s wedding celebration in Thailand took a tragic turn as the groom’s shooting rampage claimed the lives of five, including his bride, her mother, sister, a guest, and ultimately, himself, shocking the entire community.



THAILAND: Tragedy struck a wedding celebration in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, as the joyous occasion turned into a nightmarish scene when the groom, a national paralympic athlete, went on a shooting rampage.

The incident unfolded on 25 November at 11 pm, leaving a trail of devastation.

The crime took place in a tent set up for the wedding celebration, situated near the Wang Nam Khiao district market, according to reports from Thailand’s Khaosan Online.

The groom, 29-year-old Chaturong Suksuk, a former soldier and nationally disabled swimmer who had lost his right leg in a train accident, had achieved recognition for his athletic prowess, including a silver medal in the 11th ASEAN Para Games in Indonesia.

The wedding festivities commenced in the morning with a ceremony and progressed to an evening feast.

However, tensions escalated between the couple, culminating in a violent altercation during which Chaturong, in an intoxicated state, overturned a table, prompting chaos.

Taking matters to a horrifying extreme, Chaturong retrieved a 9mm CZ automatic pistol from his car and began firing at guests.

The victims included his bride, 38-year-old Kanchana, her mother, 60-year-old King Klajoho, and her sister, 37-year-old Kornida Manator.

Two other guests, 50-year-old Thong Nonkuntod and 28-year-old Bamrung Chatherat, were injured and rushed to the hospital by Nakhon Ratchasima Volunteer Rescue Unit 31.

Tragically, Thong later succumbed to his injuries, raising the death toll to five.

Following the shooting spree, Chaturong turned the gun on himself, leaving the crime scene littered with the firearm and eleven bullet casings.

Preliminary investigations by Police Lieutenant Colonel Rungroj Tangamnuay, the head of Wang Nam Khiao Police Station, indicated that the dispute centered around the celebration.

Previous incidents of shooting rampages in Thailand

Thailand has witnessed several instances of shooting rampages in the past.

A recent occurrence transpired at Bangkok’s renowned shopping hub, the Siam Paragon Mall, on 3 October, involving a 14-year-old perpetrator and resulting in three fatalities.

This incident occurred just before the anniversary of a tragic nursery massacre in northern Thailand that claimed the lives of 36 individuals.

In 2020, a former army officer carried out a rampage, gunning down 29 people at a mall in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Thai Prime Minister vows action on guns after deadly mall shooting on 3 October

In response to the Siam Paragon Mall shooting, Thailand’s Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, had vowed “preventive measures,” sparking renewed concerns about the nation’s gun control.

By one estimate, Thailand has 10 million guns in circulation — one for every seven citizens, and one of the highest rates of ownership in the region.

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What is a 29 year old groom doing marrying a 38 year old bride? Sure, he may have lost his right leg but …. he didn’t lose his right nut right? Or is that the reason why he went nuts?