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SBS transit bus collides with tree in Bishan: One passenger injured, investigation underway

An SBS Transit double-decker bus collided with a tree in Bishan on Wednesday night, leaving a 54-year-old passenger injured. Promptly conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the injured individual has been discharged.

SBS Transit has initiated an investigation, extending apologies for the inconvenience caused.



sbs bus collision

SINGAPORE: On the night of Wednesday (22 Nov), an incident occurred involving an SBS Transit double-decker bus as it was navigating its designated route in Bishan.

The unfortunate collision took place with a tree, resulting in significant damage to the bus.

The force of the impact was so intense that part of the bus’s roof was torn off, and windows on the upper deck were shattered.

A distressing consequence of the accident was the injury sustained by one of the passengers on board.

Subsequently, the injured individual was promptly transported to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for medical attention.

The aftermath of the collision was captured in a video shared on TikTok by the user “fullofluppish” on the same Wednesday.


Bus Vs Tree #sbs #singapore #accident heard a loud crash found out bus kissed a huge tree.

♬ original sound – Luppy – Luppy

The footage reveals a lengthy strip of metal perilously hanging from a tree along Bishan Street 22’s pavement.

In close proximity to this scene, the SBS Transit double-decker bus can be seen stationed on the road.

Notably, cones were strategically placed along the affected section of the road, presumably to caution other motorists about the accident.

In response to inquiries about the incident, SBS Transit spokeswoman Grace Wu explained that the collision occurred when service 88 collided with a tree branch, causing substantial damage to the upper deck of the bus.

One passenger injured in Bishan bus collision

A 54-year-old passenger sustained injuries when an SBS Transit double-decker bus collided with a tree.

The police received notification of the accident on Bishan Street 22, heading towards Bishan Street 24, at 10:32 pm.

Upon responding to the incident, authorities conveyed the injured passenger, who remained conscious, to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for medical attention.

According to a statement by Ms Wu on Thursday (23 Nov), the passenger has since been discharged, and ongoing efforts to extend care and assistance are in progress.

Additionally, SBS Transit issued an apology to affected commuters, acknowledging the distress and inconvenience caused by the incident.

Ms Wu further disclosed that SBS Transit has initiated an investigation into the circumstances leading to the collision.

The aim is to determine the cause of the incident and implement measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

As part of the investigative process, the police reported the active cooperation of the 55-year-old male bus driver.

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