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Malaysian netizens express disappointment over irresponsible littering at Coldplay’s concert in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian netizens voice disappointment as a video exposing irresponsible littering by Coldplay concert attendees in Kuala Lumpur goes viral. The incident contradicts Coldplay’s eco-friendly image, sparking online criticism and raising questions about environmental awareness among concertgoers.



coldplay in Kuala Lumpur

MALAYSIA: Wednesday (22 Nov), marked a thrilling and unforgettable day for Coldplay enthusiasts in Malaysia as the iconic band took the stage at the Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.

Fans fortunate enough to secure tickets were treated to an electrifying live performance, turning the venue into a buzzing hub of excitement.

The palpable energy of the evening wasn’t confined to the audience alone; Coldplay themselves expressed their gratitude for the warm reception they received.

Sharing their experience on Instagram Story (@coldplay), the band acknowledged the euphoria emanating from the crowd, particularly noting the significance of this being their inaugural performance in Kuala Lumpur.

In a heartfelt message, Coldplay conveyed their appreciation, stating, “First time in KL, last show of the year. The scene is set for a fantastic night. We are very grateful for the warm (and wet!) welcome and can’t wait to get going. Thank you very much for having us here in Malaysia.”

coldplay instagram

(Photo: Coldplay on Instagram)

As the concert drew to a close, Coldplay continued to extend their gratitude to the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur through another Instagram Story post, proclaiming, “Thank you, Kuala Lumpur – that was EPIC.”

coldplay instagram

(Photo: Coldplay on Instagram)

The sentiment echoed the exceptional experience shared between the band and their Malaysian fans.

However, amidst the success of the concert, a sombre note emerged as netizens criticized the behaviour of a small number of attendees.

The careless disposal of rubbish by some concertgoers while waiting for the stadium gates to open became a point of contention.

Disarray surrounds Bukit Jalil Stadium as garbage piles up during Coldplay concert

The video posted on the X page “kaypohmedia” on 22 November, went viral, exposing the irresponsible conduct of certain concert-goers.

The footage vividly displayed the aftermath of the event, featuring food garbage bags and discarded drink bottles strewn chaotically along the queuing area outside the stadium.

This visual documentation served to highlight the lackadaisical demeanour of some attendees, who displayed an apparent indifference to the scattered garbage in their immediate surroundings.

The careless disposal of rubbish appeared to be associated with fans awaiting their entry into the main concert venue, which was set to open its doors at 5:00 pm.

Netizens express disappointment over irresponsible conduct of concert-goers

The irresponsible behaviour of some visitors at the Coldplay concert became a focal point of disappointment among netizens as a video showcasing the littering issue gained widespread attention.

With 1.6 million views, concerned netizens collectively condemned the disrespectful conduct captured in the footage.

Venturing into the comments section, the general sentiment among netizens reflected deep disappointment with the few concertgoers who seemed indifferent to the pervasive garbage in their vicinity.

Criticism was directed towards those who carelessly discarded their rubbish while queuing at the stadium gates.

Expressions of frustration were evident in netizen comments, highlighting the irony of individuals who could afford expensive concert tickets yet displayed a lack of concern for proper waste disposal.


Some netizens shared personal experiences of diligently carrying their trash home, emphasizing the apparent disregard for cleanliness exhibited by others.


An additional perspective emerged, with netizens pointing out the challenges faced by attendees due to a scarcity of trash cans, both in the immediate vicinity and within the stadium.

The frustration of having to search for designated bins was emphasized, prompting some to suggest that increasing the number of trash cans could contribute to addressing the issue.


A noteworthy aspect of the online discourse was the perceived contradiction between the fans’ behaviour and Coldplay’s environmental principles.

Netizens expressed disappointment and questioned the discrepancy, with one remarking, “Shame on you, don’t be so dirty. Coldplay literally advocates eco-friendly, and you do this?”


Coldplay consistently upholds environmentally friendly practices by recycling the bands used in every concert.

Post-performance, the bands are collected and repurposed by Coldplay for future events, effectively minimizing their overall environmental impact.

coldplay xylobands

(Photo: IDWantsColdplay on X)

Notably, before each concert commences, the band even displays the percentage ranking of the bands returned from the various countries they have visited.

coldplay leaderboard

(Photo: IDWantsColdplay on X)

Adding to their commitment to environmental causes, Coldplay had previously contributed RM3,200,000 (approximately US$683,542) towards sponsoring an advanced river garbage trapping machine, known as ‘Interceptor 005,’ for Sungai Klang in Kuala Lumpur.

The irony was not lost on netizens, who pointed out the stark contrast between the concert attendees’ actions and Coldplay’s past efforts to contribute to environmental cleanliness.

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