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Malaysian police officer’s rescue of trapped puppies sparks appreciation from netizens

Netizens shower praise on a Malaysian police officer for rescuing two puppies trapped in a drain, sparking reflections on public perceptions. The heartwarming incident near Serendah Waterfall prompts a broader dialogue on community-police relations and the need for understanding.




MALAYSIA: In a heartwarming incident captured in a Facebook post, a Malaysian police officer earned accolades for his compassionate act of rescuing two puppies that had accidentally fallen into a drain.

The commendable deed was shared by Polis Daerah Hulu Selangor, specifically highlighting the members of the Hulu Selangor MPV unit who undertook the rescue mission during a routine patrol near Serendah Waterfall.


(Photo: Polis Daerah Hulu Selangor’s Facebook)

The incident, which took place on Monday (20 Nov), unfolded when the officers, guided by the sounds of distress, discovered the puppies trapped approximately three feet deep in the drain.

Upon identifying the plight of the stranded puppies, Corporal Amar, moved by compassion, swiftly intervened.

With the assistance of Lance Corporal Rick, the two officers worked in tandem to lift the helpless creatures out of the drain.

The heartwarming rescue was met with admiration from netizens who praised the officers for their thoughtfulness and quick action in safeguarding the well-being of the vulnerable animals.

Beyond the touching rescue narrative, the Facebook post delved into a broader reflection on the community’s perception of the police force.


(Photo: Polis Daerah Hulu Selangor’s Facebook)

The text highlighted that Malaysians often harbour a sense of “trauma” when encountering police on the roadside, associating such encounters with roadblocks, potential legal actions, unfriendliness, or arrogance.

The post underscored the prevalent gap between public perception and the reality of various situations involving law enforcement.

The authors of the post emphasized that these assumptions stem from a lack of awareness regarding the actual circumstances, calling attention to the fact that people are often uninformed about the true nature of police engagements.

In challenging these stereotypes, the post sought to bridge the divide between public perception and the everyday realities faced by the police force, inviting a more nuanced and understanding perspective from the community.

Kind-hearted policeman receives praise from netizens for rescuing trapped puppies from drain

The online community expressed widespread admiration for the police officers’ compassionate response in rescuing the trapped puppies from the drain, commending them for their commendable efforts.

Netizens lauded the police, acknowledging the positive impact of their actions.

Beyond the expressions of gratitude, many individuals took a moment to extend their prayers for the continued safety and well-being of the police officers.

They earnestly wished for God’s protection over the officers and blessings for both them and their families, underscoring the depth of the appreciation felt by the online community.


In response to the outpouring of praise and well-wishes, the Hulu Selangor Regional Police actively engaged with the online comments.

Through several responses, they expressed gratitude for the support received and urged the public to persist in providing encouragement to the police force.

The police’s outreach to the community not only acknowledged the positive sentiments shared but also emphasized the importance of ongoing collaboration and support from the public.


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Good to know that compassion and good sense can still trump religious dogma. Pun not intended.