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Malaysian Nasi Kandar workers win online praise for clearing fallen tree in rain

Dedicated employees from a Bangsar Nasi Kandar restaurant earned TikTok netizens’ praise for swiftly clearing a road obstructed by a fallen tree during heavy rain. Despite challenges, their efficient efforts ensured smooth traffic flow, garnering admiration and gratitude on social media.



fallen tree

MALAYSIA: Dedicated employees from a Nasi Kandar restaurant in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur have recently earned praise from TikTok netizens for their quick and altruistic response to a road obstruction caused by a fallen tree during heavy rain.

The commendable efforts of four men, captured in a 24-second video shared by TikTok user @salim.hanafiah on Saturday (18 Nov), have garnered widespread appreciation.


Hebat pekerja mamak alihkan pokok terbaik #malaysia #bangsar

♬ Doa Hujan – Barokah

In the video, these industrious workers, donned in their work attire and aprons, are seen collaboratively working to clear the fallen tree at a junction in the Bangsar area of Kuala Lumpur.

Despite the challenges posed by the pouring rain and the weight of the tree, the team successfully removed the obstruction.

Their efficient actions ensured the smooth flow of traffic in the area.

Netizens conveyed their admiration for the remarkable action undertaken by the employees

The video swiftly gained popularity, accumulating 460 thousand views and over 15.4 thousand likes, as netizens expressed admiration for the noteworthy deed.

netizens' praise

A lighthearted comment from one netizen humorously suggested that for workers accustomed to carrying large pans of briyani rice every day, dealing with a fallen tree was a relatively minor challenge.


In a show of appreciation, another netizen expressed gratitude to the workers for taking a substantial risk in removing the tree amidst heavy rain, highlighting their commitment even in the face of potential danger.

fallen tree comment

Adding a touch of warmth, a netizen appreciated the employees, stating that they possess the best hearts, and, as a side note, expressing love for their curry as well.


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