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12-year-old Malaysian boy suffers severe burns in electrocution mishap while retrieving ball

A 12-year-old Malaysian boy endured severe burns in Bayan Lepas, Penang, after an electrocution while fetching a ball in an electrical generator room.

Currently in an induced coma, he’s slated for a skin transplant on Monday due to the extensive injuries suffered in the incident.



PENANG, MALAYSIA: A 12-year-old boy sustained critical injuries, suffering extensive burns all over his body after being electrocuted in an electrical generator room.

The Fire and Rescue Department of Bayan Baru released a statement last Thursday (16 Nov), revealing that the incident occurred around 4.55 pm along Jalan Kampung Bukit in Taman Sri Bayu, Bayan Lepas.

Footage of the incident circulated widely on social media, with one video garnering 3.3 million views after being reposted by the Instagram account “penangkini.”

The video depicted the boy emerging from the electrical generator room, screaming in pain and staggering.

According to Kosmo!, the boy was electrocuted when he entered the room to retrieve a ball that had rolled inside.

Medical personnel attended to the boy before the Fire and Rescue department reached the scene.

The department, after assessing the situation, ensured there was no further danger before handing the matter over to TNB, the electricity utility company for further action.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Barat Daya District Police, Superintendent Kamarul Rizal Jenal, confirmed the incident, stating that the child reportedly fell into the TNB power room while trying to retrieve a ball.

The boy had been playing futsal with friends, and when the ball went astray, he realized it had entered the nearby generator room.

It is believed that the boy climbed over a locked fence before falling into the power room.

TNB commits to covering medical expenses

In response to the electrocution incident involving a 12-year-old boy, TNB has pledged comprehensive support, including covering all treatment and medical costs associated with the victim’s injuries.

TNB has affirmed its commitment to ensuring the child receives optimal medical care, with a management representative meeting the boy’s parents at the Penang General Hospital on 17 November, as reported by BERNAMA.

In an official statement, TNB stated, “The victim, who sustained burns, is currently receiving treatment in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) isolation room.”

During the visit, Ir Anan Eyam, the head of Zone Asset at Penang TNB, provided immediate financial assistance to the victim’s family, aiming to alleviate some of the burdens they are facing.

In the aftermath of the incident, TNB has collaborated closely with law enforcement agencies, including the police and the Energy Commission, to aid in the ongoing investigation.

Additionally, TNB has initiated an internal investigation team, aligning with the company’s operational policy that places safety as its top priority.

Mother discovers son’s electric shock incident through WhatsApp group

In a startling revelation, the mother of the victim learned about her youngest son’s electric shock incident at a TNB substation through a WhatsApp group, as reported by BERNAMA.

The mother, employed at the Penang International Airport (LTAPP), was taken aback to discover that the video shared in the group depicted her son.

She hastily left her workplace, heading home around 5 pm upon realizing the severity of the situation.

Recalling the distressing moment, she shared that her son’s friend also contacted her promptly, informing her son’s injuries and burns.

Upon reaching the scene, she found her son still there and witnessed him being transported to a surau before being further conveyed to Penang Hospital (HPP) with the assistance of the Civil Defence Force (CDF).

Reflecting on the encounter at HPP, she expressed, “My son was conscious throughout. He kept saying, ‘Mama, please help me, I’m in pain.'”

Simultaneously, the victim’s father, who was on duty in Lumut, Perak, hurriedly made his way home as soon as he received news of the incident.

The victim was placed in induced coma, and suffers 50 per cent burns

In a recent interview, the father of the victim disclosed that his son, who sustained 50 per cent burns in the incident, is currently under medical supervision and has been placed in an induced coma.

Describing his son as a lively and active individual who also happens to be a student at SK Bayan Lepas 2, the father mentioned that his son has been actively involved in representing the school in football.

He went on to explain that teenagers in the vicinity, including his son, frequently engage in football matches on the futsal court within the residential area.

The incident at the substation, however, marks the first occurrence of such a tragic event.

Notably, the victim’s twin did not participate in the game, as he was at home sleeping during the incident.

Victim scheduled for skin transplant surgery

The victim is set to undergo skin transplant surgery on 20 November, as revealed by the victim’s father.

Doctors have informed the family that the surgery will address the severe burns on the hands.

“Specifics regarding which part of the body the skin will be sourced from are yet to be determined; it depends on what is most suitable, possibly from the back,” he stated in an interview with Kosmo!.

He further mentioned that there has been no movement displayed by his child so far, but he remains hopeful for a swift recovery from the extensive burns suffered.

You can watch the video here:

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