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Pregnant doctor in Indonesia flees alleged domestic abuse; husband faces investigation

The Indonesian online community is abuzz with Dr. Qory Ulfiyah’s disappearance—a pregnant mother of three who left home on Monday without money, phone, or ID.

Her husband sought her on X, but a twist emerged: Police found her in Cibinong, West Java. She’s safe, having fled and accused her husband of domestic violence, sparking a police inquiry.



INDONESIA: The social media sphere in Indonesia has been abuzz with the name Dr Qory Ulfiyah, whose story unfolded through posts on the platform X under the handle @Qory20.

The individual behind the account claims to be Dr Qory’s husband, revealing that she left their home on Monday (13 Nov). At the time of her departure, Dr Qory, six months pregnant and a mother of three, reportedly left without money, her phone, and identification.

The couple, residing in Cibinong, West Java, gained viral attention on social media as netizens grew suspicious of the husband’s posts.

In a heartfelt plea on @Qory20, he shared that they had a heated argument just before her departure and expressed hope that she would be located through announcements on platform X.

The post included two photos of Dr Qory, one dressed in what appears to be medical attire, along with a contact number. The post garnered significant attention, with 2.8 million views and 9.5 thousand retweets.

However, a different perspective emerged on social media, particularly from user “Indah Pada Waktunya,” who claimed to have worked with Dr Qory in an office, as uploaded by the @tubirfess account.

Contradictory claims surface

According to this source, the husband’s behaviour towards Dr Qory was allegedly abusive, leading to suspicions of domestic violence.

The account shared instances of the husband berating Dr Qory at work, engaging in public arguments, and even questioning her professional commitments.

“Indah Pada Waktunya” further revealed that Dr Qory, a 37-year-old woman known for her hard work, operated practices in 4-5 locations, supporting her family.

The source disclosed that Dr Qory had experienced health issues, frequently falling ill at work and even suffering a miscarriage despite her demanding profession.

Dr Qory found safe: Accuses husband of domestic violence after fleeing home

In a surprising turn of events, the police located Dr Qory in Cibinong, Bogor Regency, West Java. The Chief of Criminal Investigation at Bogor Police, Police First Inspector Teguh Kumara, confirmed that Dr Qory is safe and currently in police custody.

It was disclosed that she had run away and subsequently filed a police report against her husband, alleging domestic violence.

Police First Inspector Teguh Kumara explained, “She is now at the police station, giving her statement. ”

“She ran away and reported her husband for suspected domestic violence. We have directed the case to the Women and Children Protection Unit. ”

“The report has been issued, and further actions will be taken. We may proceed with a medical examination after this,” the police added.

The police have also taken statements from Dr Qory’s husband and in-laws.

The investigation into this alarming case of domestic strife continues as authorities delve into the complexities of the reported abusive relationship.

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