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Young boy vaping openly at Malaysian eatery sparks disappointment and concern online

In a recent video on X, a 6-year-old boy believed to be vaping openly at a Malaysian eatery, sparking widespread concern. The footage shared on 14 November, has prompted disappointment, particularly as the child exhibits a nonchalant attitude, treating vaping as routine.



MALAYSIA: A recently circulated video on X (formerly Twitter) on 14 November has captured the attention of Malaysian netizens.

The footage depicts a young boy seemingly vaping at a local eatery, prompting widespread disappointment and concern among viewers.

The uploader provided context, stating, “My father recorded this video at Restoran Hakim.”

The accompanying caption emphasizes the disconcerting observation that a child as young as six years old is openly engaging in vaping.

The boy exhibits no shame or fear, treating it as a routine activity.

The uploader goes on to highlight the irony, noting, “Even when Dr Zaliha Mustafa (Minister of Health) proposes a new act to control the sales of cigarettes and vape to children under 16 years old, there are still dissenting voices.”

The video, however, serves as a stark illustration of the consequences, with young children now participating in vaping.

In the footage, the small boy casually vapes in the company of several adults, seemingly undisturbed by the child’s actions.

Video sparks concern and disappointment among netizens

This nonchalant attitude toward underage vaping has sparked concern and disappointment among netizens, underscoring the urgency of addressing the issue.

A majority of netizens strongly believe that the child’s parents should bear responsibility for allowing the child to engage in vaping.

“Penalties and severe punishments should be imposed on the parents; penalizing the child alone won’t be very effective because it’s the parents who permit vaping.”

“It must be the child’s father who informed him that it’s okay to vape, reassuring him that it’s just water vapor.”

“This is proof of parental failure.”

Additionally, some netizens have raised questions about the adult next to the child, criticizing him for not intervening to prevent the child from vaping.

“First of all, who is the man next to the child?”

“Parents should be held accountable for the child’s actions.”

There’s also a comment underscoring the contrast between the activities of today’s younger generation and those of the older generation when they were six years old.

“When I was six years old, I only drank from milk bottles.”

Some people also voiced worries about the child’s health due to vaping at such a young age.

In contrast, some individuals suggest an alternative interpretation, proposing that the child might be holding a sweet soy sauce bottle resembling a vape.

Another observation emphasizes the absence of visible vape smoke from the child’s mouth and nose.

Malaysian Health Ministry launches a survey regarding the generational endgame that aims to ban the sale of tobacco products to anyone born on or after January 1, 2007

On 11 October, the Health Ministry launched a survey to gather public feedback on the generational endgame that aims to ban the sale of tobacco products to anyone born on or after January 1, 2007, via the MySejahtera application.

According to a statement, the survey encompasses various subjects, such as the public’s perspectives on the health risks associated with smoking, the provision for the generational endgame, and the Control of Tobacco Products for Public Health Bill 2023.

The statement emphasized that the implementation of the generational endgame would not impact current smokers or vapers.

Instead, it would establish a safeguard for a generation of Malaysians, shielding them from nicotine addiction and the detrimental effects of smoking throughout their lives.

The ministry clarified that the generational endgame is among the provisions being finalized within the Control of Tobacco Products for Public Health Bill 2023.

As reported by The Star, the ministry stated, “The Bill is aimed at ensuring comprehensive regulation on all types of smoking products including electronic cigarettes and vape.”

Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa said, “This is how we will protect our youth, loved ones, and those around us from the dangers of smoking by preventing addiction in the first place.”

You can watch the video here:

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