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Ministry of Finance: Adult Singaporeans to receive S$200-S$800 in December via Government’s Assurance Package

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Finance announced that adult Singaporeans, about 2.9 million individuals aged 21 and above in 2024, will receive S$200 to S$800 in December through the Government’s Assurance Package, aiding with financial support.



SINGAPORE: On Wednesday (15 Nov), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in Singapore announced that all adult Singaporeans, regardless of property ownership, are set to receive a financial boost ranging from S$200 to S$800 (approximately US$594) in December through the Government’s Assurance Package.

This benefit is targeted towards Singaporeans aged 21 and above in 2024, and it encompasses approximately 2.9 million individuals.

Among this demographic, about 2.5 million people will receive an additional payment of up to S$200 based on their assessable income earned in 2021, which must not exceed S$100,000.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, MOF highlighted that the Assurance Package (AP) aims to “help Singaporeans tide through the period of higher inflation and cushion the impact of the GST rate increase”.

The package includes cash payments, rebates, Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers, and MediSave top-ups.

On 28 September, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong announced an additional S$1.1 billion (US$800 million) Cost-of-Living Support Package to further aid Singaporean households, particularly those in the lower- to middle-income brackets.

This includes an S$800 million boost to the Assurance Package, bringing its total to over S$10 billion.

Eligibility for payouts can be checked through the official Assurance Package website using Singpass.

To receive the cash payments as early as Dec 5, citizens are encouraged to link their NRICs to PayNow by a specified deadline.

For citizens without PayNow-linked bank accounts, updating bank information with DBS Bank/POSB, OCBC Bank, or UOB through the official Assurance Package website by Nov 27 ensures receipt of payments from Dec 13.

Using the GovCash service, individuals can withdraw their payments from OCBC ATMs across Singapore using a provided payment reference number starting from Dec 22.

An OCBC account is not mandatory for this withdrawal, with facial verification required.

Aside from December’s cash payouts, additional support from the government will be available to Singaporeans at the beginning of 2024:

  • In January, households will receive S$500 worth of CDC vouchers, claimable digitally from Jan 3, 2024, valid until the end of that year.
  • Also in January, a 0.5- to one-month rebate of service and conservancy charges (S&CC) and U-Save rebates ranging from S$130 to S$210 will be disbursed.
  • Starting February 2024, eligible lower-income seniors aged 55 and above will receive an AP Senior’s Bonus ranging from S$200 to S$300.
  • In the same month, Singaporeans aged 20 years and below, or 55 years and above, will receive S$150 in their CPF MediSave account.
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Lai Liow…chicken wing lai prepared to pay back whole chicken soon.
Dunno what people are happy about coz they give you also that is your money not theirs.

2 chicken wings when you are going to HAVE to give them 2 whole chickens next year?
LKY was right
Local Sinkie ,particularly those MGs and PGs are daft!
They deserve the gov they voted for!
See whether these locals low ses fucks can tahan next yr 2024 GST increase with these 2 chicken wings or not!😆😆😆😆

The SuperSillyPoreSale is on again !!!

The people selling their soul, sanity and subservience, … for a few dollars !!!

“For a few dollars”, … in the grand scam(scheme) of things !!!

Ask any Economist worth his salt – money supply in the economy feeds a round and round inflation. This is basic multiplication concept.

But SGpns are stupid, real fools. The perception of handouts make their hearts flutter like an earthquake. But PAP know and understand well, the other side of the coin, is to curb CONSUMPTION by rates and fees increases. Increase money circulation at its barest minimum, JUST ENOUGH to WIN VOTES. But the REAL QUALITY of LIFE to have Min Wages as law, to return CPF with ACCRUED DUE interest, the REGIME play fools.

Yea! Singapore is raining money from the PAP! But it is going to be drained off very soon.

Asking the 60%, are we going to live our lives like this? Living on government handouts and vouchers, including free postage stamps?

This is simply a “koyok” response to a very critical issue of wealth inequality and the dire needs of the B20. A systemic plan is required to eradicate this perpetuating financial distress. If the G is serious about extending help to all Singaporeans particularly the B20, the living wage of $1397 per month as proposed by a team of researchers in 2019, would be a good starting point. Mind you, this was in 2019; thus, the living wage would have gone significantly higher now. With this living wage, schemes like the Silver Support and other aid schemes can be incorporated… Read more »

Banker always win. 10 person who bet, only 1 wins. What do you think? LOL

Before this announcements, the hawkers stalls already increased price.

Hawker stalls happy because they told me next year they are going to increase food prices.

Guaranteed chopped. They said prices will increase next year due to 9% GST.

Singaporeans still believe Singapore PAP government is a good government regardless Singapore PAP government keep on increasing hikes. Tay Benghuat Well done P A P ……… Some of my friends said I am pro PAP……lol No 100% perfect government in this world! !!!!! I support 70%PAP. 30%opposition. 有国才有家!!! 珍惜和平相处!!!! 千万别因小失大!!!!! Vote wisely.. ….. -Vote for opposition who can contribute, improve sg. Don’t opposed for the sake of opposed. -Don’t over flooded your sympathy and empathy to opposition. You may change government accidentally without your notice ………… -Don’t be the ignorant and cursed by your descendants .. …….. -Don’t be a… Read more »

PayNow Recipients: Realm 1 Lee Empire group.

Non PayNow by Bank: Realm 2 Demo groups

Ocbc you draw ourselves: Realm 3 U groups

Money Politics: which group are u?!?

The Art of PAP Administration Money Politics at its best:
– return a dime to Sheegaporeans after Collecting Wads and Bundles of Ca$h in the form of increased Transport fares, GST Hikes, Delayed CPF withdrawals, Exorbitant Runaway Flat Prices, U name it.

They will take it all back with a medisave increase.Useless govt. Delights in handouts instead of implementing social reforms.

Ministers live in palaces on huge tracts of land at special prices. Commoners, citizens, live in paupery conditions, now and then expecting handouts form these lavish lives Ministers, and need to empty their monthly take home pay for rental fees on flats that deprecate over their live times.
How is this – not far from surveys rating SG as most expensive place on planet earth, right?

Is Singapore really so very rich that many people cannot afford a car or even basic (but very expensive) public housing?
Very contradictory and not uniformity in wealth distribution

The PAP Administration has always and always never never fail to blast Oppo Parties giving the likes of grants. monetary assistances, esp to the poor, with the cheek to demand they stop always from intending to raid the reserves, yet they do so countless of occasions.

If Singaporeans are amongst the richest country in the world, why the need for regular handouts of few hundred dollars here and there?

It’s rich is it because a small percentage of the population is very very rich who are very well taken care of by enrichment policies, including many hundreds of foreigners who parked their hundreds of million or billion dollars here?