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SIA flight attendant arrested in Japan for alleged shoplifting incident and altercation

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight attendant was detained in Japan for alleged shoplifting worth 10,000 yen (US$66).

She purportedly bit a man when stopped. Denying theft, she asserted intent to pay later to Japanese authorities.



JAPAN:  A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight attendant was arrested in Japan under suspicion of shoplifting items valued at approximately 10,000 yen (US$66).

Bai Peixuan, a 33-year-old woman, is accused of taking goods valued at 10,538 yen from a store in Narita, Chiba prefecture, at approximately 11 am on last Monday (6 Nov).

Among the items found in her possession were bath towels and tote bags.

When attempting to exit the shop, Bai reportedly encountered a 51-year-old Japanese man who tried to stop her.

In the ensuing struggle, she allegedly bit his left arm, resulting in a minor injury.

Following these events, the police, as reported by the Japanese media outlet FNN, later arrested Bai.

Despite the accusations, Bai denied the theft, claiming, “I did not steal the items; my intention was to pay for them later,” to the Japanese authorities.

Regarding the incident involving the man, Bai allegedly explained to investigators, “He was holding my neck, so I bit him to try and make him release his grip.”

Under Japanese law, individuals suspected of a crime can be detained by local authorities for up to 23 days.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) confirmed the arrest of one of its staff members in Japan.

On Tuesday (14 Nov), the airline stated, “As this matter is under investigation, we are unable to provide further comments,” according to information from CNA.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singapore informed CNA that they are providing consular assistance to the Singaporean individual “in accordance with the laws in Japan.”

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SIA I agree is our national carrier but the name I doubt is a local born.

Until we get the full story it is best to reserve our judgement.

For example, it could be a simple misunderstanding, in Japan for stores that have multiple levels you must pay for the items sold on one floor at the cashier of the same floor. It is considered shop-lifting to bring unpaid items from one floor to another floor even if everything is part of the same store.