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Singaporean TikToker ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’ says he is being investigated for alleged criminal defamation

TikToker ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’ is allegedly under police investigation for criminal defamation over a TikTok video in which he questioned Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong about appointing his former lawyer, Lucien Wong, as the Attorney-General.

This video is said to be inflammatory, leading to official scrutiny and a request for him to surrender his passport.



TikTok influencer ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’ has shared that he is currently under investigation by the Singapore police for alleged criminal defamation. This alleged inquiry arises from a video he produced about the presidential election, where he asked Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong a controversial question over the appointment of the Attorney-General.

In the video under scrutiny, ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’ inquired whether the newly elected president would seek the removal of Attorney-General Mr Lucien Wong, who was PM Lee’s former lawyer and assisted in the Oxley property affairs.

According to ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’, the content of the video was said to be deemed inflammatory, prompting an official investigation by the police.

“I was asked to provide a statement about the video, which was simply a question posed to the Prime Minister,” explained ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’. “However, it is now considered problematic, necessitating an explanation.”

Compounding his difficulties, ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’ has been requested to surrender his passport this week, a move that both confuses and disappoints him.

“I am not a flight risk,” he affirmed, highlighting his deep family connections and devotion to Singapore. “There’s no intention for me to flee. My entire life, including my family, is here in Singapore.”

Originally, ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’ had taken down the contentious video as a gesture of goodwill. Yet, in an unexpected twist, he reuploaded it on Sunday.

He clarified, “By reposting it, I’m not showing defiance. My aim is merely to make people aware of the ongoing situation.”

The Tiktoker has previously been issued with three previous correction directions under the Protection from Online Falsehood Act (POFMA) in the past three months.

Under Section 499 of the Singapore Penal Code, criminal defamation is defined as the act of defaming another person with intent, or with knowledge that the statement made could harm that person. This crime carries a potential punishment of a fine and up to two years in jail.

In a related case, Terry Xu, editor of The Online Citizen Asia, and contributor Daniel de Costa, were fined S$8,000 and S$10,000, respectively, for criminal defamation over a letter published in September 2018, following a successful appeal against a 3-week imprisonment sentence.

Unlike in civil defamation cases, the alleged victim in a criminal defamation case is not required to testify in court about the falsity or defamatory nature of the statement or claim.

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skeptical. show police report? also ban tiktoks.

Hi thanx for highlighting my tik tok clip. I’m the one on the video. Just a quick note. My tik tok account is jay i.good morning and not under dr.ishhaq.jay. I have changed it. I would appreciate if u can make the correction please. Once again thanx for highlighting my situation here in Singapore.

I resent bullying by the powers that be. What crime did he commit? Was he charged with any crime in the penal code? What right does the police have in demanding the passport? Is he charged? Is he some crook like some f1 people still paid humongous money for not working? People, vote wisely will you?

Low ses local peasant should know his ‘place’ in the society.
But hey…kinds like these are NOT KNOWN to be able to make it in life staying in a GCB!😆😆😆

Singapore has been “China / DPRK-lite” since Lee Kuan Yew’s era. In fact, CCP officials came to Singapore to “study” on how to maintain their grip on power during the era of “reform.”

Oh look, another case of “terrorism” enacted by the ruling government against the general populace.

Can the ISD investigate the ruling government? Make arbitrary arrest and detentions? Oh wait, that is only reserved for the peasants. This is what the 70% have voted for, time and time again.

This case very fast and effective when investigating civilians but in a twist of situation, Iswaran case no picture no sound. Bullying and intimidation at it’s finest.

Vote wisely, vote for change.

What happened to Iswaran’s case? So much time for the Police to do this “kind,” of work? LW is already past retirement age, how is it he can still remain AG? Who do the people go to but the President when conflicts of interest are highlighted and ignored by the PAP? Hopefully this is not an act of intimidation.

The huge number of frauds, scams of money, love and hearts – proved to be an ez lot to them to take advantage of, with their pressurised laws to deal with citizens instead of meaningful engagement. Are we civilised? Is SG progressive?

Fear of threats to power base if it’s not built on sand, why not explain logically, factually, calmly to the people of SG who certainly can decide, besides, if there is anything related to corruption or not.

The guy has offended Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong by saying such a speech that is why Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong send out the police from Singapore Police Force to confiscated his passport, laptop and handphones etc for investigating, later Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will send out police to arrest the guy, hammer and beat him to death inside the jail.

Just for the record, … Lucien Wong was appointed the 9th AG of SillyPore on 14 January 2017.

That’s nearly 7 years of this “extraordinary” relationship between the AG and the SupremeLeader, … and yet, it’s deemed criminal defamation if anyone dares suggest that there’s anything, … but an equitable and professional one !!!

Besides, … the muppets and morons on the island seem pretty much ok with pap’s cronyism, by and large leh, given that the lightning party’s support still seem solid and strong !!!

How does the police know about a criminal defamation ..?
What differences are there between a criminal defamation versus a civil defamation..?

How can an appointment or an office be defamed..versus a person ..??

Dr Ishhaq- Enjoy watching and listening to your videos. It makes sense. Look forward to more of your videos. thanks

Who is buying papers?

Pineapple lovers prefer to hear the “right” thing. What do you think?

Well Elites and Overlords of the Land. Their actions failed to convince the people.

So they bend the System 1 Rules to PROTECT themselves. E.g PoFmA etc

System 2 Empires Cult to PROTECT themselves.

In short they cannot be WRONG. Always Right! How do you get someone whose mindset is like that to admit any mistakes?!?