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Morning jogger robbery shakes Shah Alam: Police launch investigation

Shah Alam’s tranquility shattered as a jogger falls victim to a brutal robbery, igniting widespread concern. Netizens rally, urging caution and emphasizing the need for community safety. Malaysian police is actively investigate the incident, promising swift action to apprehend the assailant.




SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA: In Shah Alam, a horrifying incident unfolded during the early morning hours when a man, engaged in his routine jog near a school, fell victim to a robbery.

The assailant, in the course of the crime, inflicted injuries on the jogger by slashing his hands. The unfortunate event transpired at approximately 06:00 a.m. in the vicinity of Section 27, Shah Alam, Selangor.

According to information gleaned from WhatsApp conversations circulating on X, it is suspected that the robber had prior knowledge of the victim’s habitual morning routine, which typically involved jogging between 06:00 to 06:30 a.m..

This unsettling revelation underscores the importance of personal security, especially for individuals, like the victim, who engage in early morning activities.

On Thursday (9 Nov), user ZaraaZameen shared the harrowing details of the incident on X, using the platform to caution those who partake in morning jogs, with a particular emphasis on the vulnerability of women to such attacks.

Accompanying the post was a distressing image of the victim, his clothes stained with blood, along with a WhatsApp screenshot pinpointing the exact location and time of the assault.

Further commentary on the incident came from a Facebook netizen who helped disseminate the news, suggesting that the jogger may have been specifically targeted due to his ownership or display of expensive items such as watches, headphones, and smartphones during his routine.

This disturbing detail raises concerns about the potential dangers associated with flaunting valuables during outdoor activities.

Netizens advocate safety measures in the wake of jogger’s robbery

Following the robbery of a jogger, the X post detailing the incident has garnered widespread attention, accumulating over 772 thousand views.

Netizens have flooded the comments section with expressions of sympathy for the victim and shared apprehensions about the safety of solitary jogging.

Amid the responses, a prevalent theme among netizens is the advocacy for caution during outdoor activities, particularly jogging.

A recurring suggestion is to avoid jogging alone, especially in secluded areas, and this advice is emphasized not only for women but also for men.

Netizens underline the importance of remaining vigilant by refraining from using earphones, promoting awareness during outdoor pursuits.


In addition to personal safety measures, netizens are urging caution regarding social media activity.

Many emphasize the need to avoid sharing excessive details about one’s routine and whereabouts, citing potential risks associated with oversharing on public platforms.

robbery comment

Concerns about the overall security infrastructure in the area have also surfaced among netizens.

The absence of a guard house has been pointed out as a potential indicator of negligence and a lack of vigilance on the part of security forces.

This observation has prompted questions about the functionality of CCTV cameras in the vicinity, raising broader issues about the adequacy of surveillance and safety measures in the community.


The incident has undeniably sparked a collective unease among netizens, prompting a broader conversation about the safety of individuals engaging in morning jogging routines.

Law enforcement affirms robbery report, furnishing comprehensive incident details

The Shah Alam District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim, has officially confirmed the receipt of a report detailing a robbery incident that transpired recently.

According to his statement, a man wielding a machete, mounted on a motorcycle, approached the victim, stopping to seize the victim’s bag.

The victim resisted, resulting in injuries sustained by both parties.

The victim, employed at a private company in Kuala Lumpur, sought medical attention at Shah Alam Hospital for the injuries incurred during the altercation.

Notably, the victim managed to retain possession of their bag, and there was no financial loss reported.

The police report was filed by the victim’s sister the preceding night (Thursday), as revealed by Mohd Iqbal in his statement on Friday (10 Nov).

Elaborating on the legal implications, Mohd Iqbal conveyed that the case is currently under investigation in accordance with section 394 of the penal code.

This section prescribes penalties of up to twenty years of imprisonment, in addition to fines or corporal punishment.

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