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Singaporean couple holds unique wedding celebration at Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlet

In a unique twist, a Singaporean couple celebrated their wedding at a humble Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlet, shunning traditional grand venues.



SINGAPORE – Traditionally, weddings are grand affairs held in glamorous venues, with intricate décor and lavish feasts.

However, one Singaporean couple decided to break away from convention and celebrated their special day at a humble Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlet, offering guests an experience that left a lasting impression.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlet in Far East Square, and the event was nothing short of memorable.

A friend of the couple (@purtyboys), who posted the highlights on TikTok, captured the essence of this remarkable celebration.


i’m so happy for u guys 🥺 can’t believe #yakun was rly manifested in 2019. but also big thanks to @Ya Kun for making this possible for my bestie hehe. #yakunsg #yakunkayatoast #fyp #sgwedding #kayatoast #kopi #teh #sgbrides #singaporebrides

♬ original sound – leaf 🪴 – leaf 🪴


Charming flower bouquets adorned the Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlet, while the staff continued to operate the counter.

The décor featured a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, roses, and other flowers alongside two wedding rings, symbolizing the love and commitment of the couple.

In the video, the ceremony commenced with the bride and groom walking down the aisle hand-in-hand.

In front of the officiator, they exchanged rings, sealing their vows in front of the guests, who were seated at tables and chairs typically reserved for the eatery’s patrons.

The Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlet exuded an old-fashioned charm with its low-hanging fans and warm, yellow-hued lighting, reminiscent of coffee shops from days gone by.

The newlyweds seized the opportunity to have a photoshoot within the outlet, capturing the essence of their unique celebration.

The couple’s excitement and happiness were evident as they posed for the camera.

Guests delight in the eatery’s iconic Kaya Toast

One of the standout features of this extraordinary celebration was the food.

Instead of the usual wedding banquet, the couple opted to serve the eatery’s iconic kaya toast, which delighted their guests.

Staff at the outlet ensured that everyone had a hot beverage and a plate of this traditional delight.

Additionally, for those who preferred something cooler in the warm weather, there were iced drinks as well.

Notably, the TikTok video shows that the bride and groom themselves took part in serving their guests, holding up plates of kaya toast for the camera.

As they sat down to enjoy their meal, their happy expressions captured the success of this unique event.

Screenshot via purtyboys/ TikTok

Unique wedding video goes viral on TikTok, inspiring viewers

The video of the ceremony garnered significant recognition on TikTok, amassing 207.1K views and 10.1K likes, as numerous individuals expressed their admiration and awe.

While some viewers labeled it as “goals,” others commended the couple’s inventive and profound wedding concept.

Another user commented, “Fuyoh, next level of Yakun.”

Additionally, some users found themselves inspired to follow the same style of ceremony as the couple.

Meanwhile, another user jest, “Waiting for my husband to propose to me again so that we can do this.”

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