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Malaysian mother’s heartwarming gesture: Extra school lunches for her child’s friend who lost his mother

A Malaysian mother’s extraordinary act of kindness in providing extra school lunches for her child’s orphaned friend has captured the internet’s attention, with netizens showering her with praise and highlighting her empathy and compassion.




MALAYSIA: Siti, a devoted mother with an extraordinary sense of compassion, has garnered considerable attention on Facebook for her straightforward yet deeply empathetic actions.

She goes the extra mile by preparing not one, but two sets of school lunches – one for her own child and another for her child’s dear friend, who tragically lost his mother.

Siti’s remarkable story, initially posted on the Facebook page ‘Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ini Official’ on Friday (3 Nov),  transcends the mere act of providing extra sustenance.

It’s a testament to her ability to understand and demonstrate empathy. She observed that her child’s friend, an 11-year-old orphan, would occasionally attend religious school without any pocket money.

In response, Siti not only shares her child’s meal with the friend but also provides additional funds to ensure their friend has pocket money.

In a picture accompanying her heartfelt post, Siti unveiled an image that would melt hearts – two plastic containers, each brimming with a nourishing meal consisting of white rice, fried fish, shrimp sambal, and fruits.


(Photo: Siti Hawa Mohd Zainudin/Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ini Official Facebook page)

Although it’s simple, it speaks volumes about the love and care that Siti invests in preparing these meals.

She shared, “I know that sometimes they go to religious school without any pocket money. Sometimes my child shares their packed meals with their friend, and sometimes I give extra pocket money for their friend as well.”

Siti couldn’t help but express her gratitude when she learned that her child’s friend not only relished the meal but also praised its delicious.


Netizens shower praise upon mother for her heartwarming gesture

Netizens from the close-knit online community joined together to offer their prayers and heartfelt praises for Siti, reflecting the genuine spirit of compassion that unites them.

In the comments section, many netizens eloquently highlighted Siti’s remarkable empathy and selflessness.

Some even expressed their wishes that she may reunite with her child’s friend’s late mother in heaven, recognizing the profound depth of her kindness.


The outpouring of support from netizens exemplifies the collective appreciation for the touching story of a mother’s dedication to her child’s friend.

Comments like, “I wonder what good deeds the deceased mother of your child’s friend must have done. To have a friend with a mother as kind as you,” underline the significance of Siti’s benevolence.


One netizen shared a personal connection, saying, “My children are in kindergarten, and I was informed that there are kids there who have only their grandparents, not their parents. As a result, whenever my children bring lunch to school, I include extra portions. If I purchase cookies or bread, I make sure to get double the amount for their friends. It’s heartbreaking that these young ones, who are just 4 years old, may not experience the love of having parents.”

This sentiment reinforces the notion that Siti’s actions resonate with many, revealing the strength of communal support and the profound impact of small, altruistic gestures.

Her heartwarming story underscores the power of community support and the enduring influence of acts of kindness, shining a light on the beautiful possibilities of compassionate actions within our interconnected world.

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