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Tragic glass bridge collapse in Central Java, Indonesia: Owner accused of negligence leading to fatalities and injuries

Edi Suseno, the owner of Central Java’s Limpakuwus Pine Forest, faces legal consequences for fatal negligence after a glass bridge collapse resulted in one fatality and multiple injuries in a tragic incident.



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CENTRAL JAVA, INDONESIA: Edi Suseno, a 63-year-old individual, has found himself at the center of a troubling incident related to the glass bridge in The Geong.

This incident unfolded on Wednesday (25 Oct), resulting in the tragic loss of one tourist’s life and the injury of several others.

As both the owner and manager of this glass bridge attraction situated within the Limpakuwus Pine Forest area in Banyumas, Central Java, Edi Suseno has been formally named a suspect in connection with the bridge-breaking incident.

He is now in police custody, undergoing investigation and facing potential legal consequences.

Edi’s alleged negligence leading to fatalities and injuries

At a press conference held at the Police Headquarters in Banyumas, Police Commissioner Edy Suranta Sitepu, the Head of the Banyumas City Resort Police, announced significant developments in the investigation surrounding The Geong ride.

Edi Suseno, a 63-year-old resident of Banyumas and the manager and owner of The Geong, has been formally named a suspect and subsequently detained.

This pivotal decision followed a thorough investigation conducted at the scene, along with statements from witnesses, including construction experts.

It was revealed by Senior Commissioner Edy that investigators have determined Edi Suseno’s direct involvement in designing the ill-fated glass bridge, whose partial collapse tragically led to one fatality and three injuries.

Furthermore, the structure was found to lack the requisite licenses and failed to adhere to operational standards and safety regulations, notably neglecting to conduct feasibility studies.

Mr. Edy highlighted that the suspect faces allegations of negligence, which resulted in either death or serious injury, carrying a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Additional details emerged regarding the ownership of two more glass bridges under Edi Suseno’s purview, both of which have been temporarily closed to the public.

The investigation also unveiled that welding work, connecting a C-shaped canal to the T-shaped bridge, was carried out unevenly, resulting in a wavy pattern.

Experts have determined that such unevenness can lead to deflection or vibrations that ultimately resulted in the glass’s breaking.

The investigation further identified that the foam intended to relieve strain and dampen vibrations on the glass had not been properly installed and had degraded over time.

The glass bridge at The Geong was found to be severely lacking in terms of security measures, operating without an operational permit for an extended period, despite being in operation for nearly a year.

Edi Suseno acknowledged his role in designing all the glass bridge rides, yet none of them possessed the necessary management permits.

Additionally, it was highlighted that for safety reasons, glass bridges should typically use tempered laminated glass with a minimum of three layers.

However, The Geong glass bridge only employed a single layer of glass with a thickness of 1.2 centimeters, contributing to its structural vulnerabilities.

Notably, the experts emphasized that the glass’s strength had been compromised due to deflection, causing the glass to shatter when subjected to any significant load.

In light of these findings, a total of 16 witnesses have been interviewed in connection with the ongoing investigation.

Edi Suseno faces charges under Article 359 and Article 360 of the Criminal Code, carrying a potential penalty of up to five years in prison for his role in the unfortunate incident.

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