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URA unveils plans for 6,000 new homes on Historic Pearl’s Hill, Chinatown

The Urban Redevelopment Authority has announced the development of 6,000 new homes at Pearl’s Hill in Chinatown, providing a diverse mix of housing in Singapore’s central area over the next decade.



SINGAPORE: In a landmark move, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore has announced the construction of new Housing Board flats on Pearl’s Hill in Chinatown, marking the first development of its kind in over four decades. This initiative is part of a broader effort to diversify housing options in the city’s heart, aiming to create “unique hillside living in the city,” as described by URA.

Approximately 6,000 residences, blending public and private sectors, including Build-to-Order (BTO) and rental units, will be developed on the hill within the next ten years.

This ambitious plan is showcased at the URA Centre on Maxwell Road, where an exhibition named “My City, My Home” presents the future outlook for Pearl’s Hill and other neighbourhoods such as Marina South, Bukit Timah Turf City, and Mount Pleasant, as well as the area of the former Keppel golf course—part of the expansive Greater Southern Waterfront.

These proposals emerge from the Draft Masterplan 2025, reflecting Singapore’s developmental vision for the forthcoming decade and a half, prioritizing housing inclusivity, accessibility, and affordability.

The URA’s plan is a direct response to public feedback gathered during a comprehensive review of its long-term strategy concluded in 2022, which will guide the nation’s land-use for the next half-century.

The Pearl’s Hill development will encompass new BTO and rental flats, condominiums, and serviced apartments, alongside a mixed-use development connected to Outram Park MRT station, enhancing the district’s connectivity. Historical structures like the former police commander’s bungalow and barracks will be preserved for their heritage value and repurposed for contemporary community use.

The vision for Pearl’s Hill is to be a car-lite district with a pedestrian mall, cycling and walking paths, and connections to surrounding areas and parks. Likewise, the new Marina South neighbourhood is expected to yield over 10,000 homes in a sustainable, car-lite environment with pedestrian and cycling networks, connecting residents to the city’s waterfront and Gardens by the Bay.

Further housing developments are planned for Bukit Timah Turf City, the Greater Southern Waterfront, and Mount Pleasant, with thousands of new homes, including a significant portion of HDB flats, set to integrate with Singapore’s rich heritage and ecological tapestry.

National Development Minister Desmond Lee, speaking at the exhibition launch, emphasized the government’s commitment to maintaining diversity, inclusivity, and affordability in Singapore’s housing market, despite the higher costs associated with developing central locations.

The exhibition, which outlines the transformative plans for these neighbourhoods, will be open for public viewing and feedback until February 2, inviting residents to be a part of the city-state’s evolving urban landscape. They can also sign up for guided tours of the exhibition hosted by URA volunteers at

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