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Tragedy strikes as father-in-law takes life of pregnant daughter-in-law in East Java, Indonesia

In a horrifying incident in East Java, a father-in-law, Khoiri, brutally killed his seven-month pregnant daughter-in-law, Fitria.

The shocking murder was prompted by Khoiri’s sinister motive, which involved a rejected advance, leaving the community in outrage and demanding justice.




EAST JAVA, INDONESIA: A tragic and horrifying incident unfolded in Purwodadi, Pasuruan District, East Java, on the fateful Tuesday (31 Oct).

Fitria (23), who was seven months pregnant, met a terrible fate at the hands of her father-in-law, Khoiri (52).

This grim event not only claimed Fitria’s life but also that of the unborn child she carried.

The distressing sequence of events began when Sueb (31), Fitria’s husband, returned home from work around 04:30 PM, only to find his house inexplicably locked.

Feeling anxious, he took it upon himself to force open the door. As he entered the house, Khoiri, Sueb’s father, abruptly fled from the scene.

Sueb, in his frantic search for his wife, made a ghastly discovery in a room.

Fitria lay lifeless on a blood-soaked mattress, her condition leaving her husband in a state of profound shock, prompting him to cry out for help.

It was evident that Fitria had met a violent end, her neck bearing visible wounds caused by a sharp weapon, all while she was in the vulnerable state of pregnancy.

This brutal act transpired while the victim was home with her father-in-law, as Sueb was away working to provide for the family.

Tragically, Fitria lost her life while being rushed to the Purwodadi Health Center, the extent of her blood loss rendering her beyond salvation.

The authorities swiftly apprehended Khoiri, who faced serious allegations of having taken his daughter-in-law’s life.

He was taken into custody for investigation and was urged to remain calm before the examination process.

The motive behind the murder was the daughter-in-law’s refusal to engage in sexual activity

Khoiri (52) had a chilling motive for the murder of Fitria (23), who was seven months pregnant.

Shockingly, Khoiri confessed to slitting his daughter-in-law’s throat after she rejected his advances.

As recounted by Deputy Head of the Pasuruan Police, Police Commissioner Hari Aziz, the tragic incident unfolded when Khoiri, consumed by desire, entered a room where he found Fitria, who had just taken a shower, lying on her back.

Fitria, however, firmly declined to comply with her father-in-law’s inappropriate advances, which prompted her to cry out for help.

This led to the perpetrator resorting to an unspeakable act, extinguishing Fitria’s life in the process.

In a horrifying turn of events, the victim’s cries for help sent the perpetrator into a panicked frenzy.

He fled to the kitchen, retrieved a knife, and then returned to the bedroom, where he forcibly pinned Fitria down and inflicted a deep, 13-centimeter-long gash on her neck, as detailed by Hari.

In the wake of this appalling tragedy, Fitria’s parents are resolute in their demand for justice.

They seek appropriate punishment for the perpetrator, hoping for a just resolution to this harrowing ordeal.

Khoiri’s unspeakable actions have shocked the community

Many netizens were shocked and furious by the heinous actions of the father-in-law.

Many expressed their outrage, unable to fathom how a father-in-law could commit such an atrocity, particularly when his daughter-in-law was carrying his grandchild.

One concerned netizen voiced their frustration with the perpetrator, fervently hoping that he would somehow understand the magnitude of his actions or endure a form of retribution during his imprisonment for taking the life of his pregnant daughter-in-law.


Furthermore, other social media users took a more punitive stance, advocating for the harshest penalties, such as the death penalty or castration, due to the attempted rape and murder.

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These sentiments on social media reflect the profound shock and anger felt by the public in response to this horrific event.

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