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Flight attendant criticizes passenger for allowing child to stand on seat, sparks debate online

A viral TikTok video depicts a flight attendant confronting a passenger for allowing her child to stand on a seat while the plane was taxiing on the runway, sparking a debate.

Scoot Airlines has apologized for the incident, emphasizing passenger safety and promising to improve crew training and operational processes.



SINGAPORE: A TikTok video recently went viral, showcasing a flight attendant criticizing a parent for allowing her child to stand on his seat.

This incident has sparked a heated debate among netizens.

The video in question captures the confrontation while the plane was taxiing on the runway.

The footage features a cabin crew member from Scoot Airlines, reprimanding the mother in Mandarin.

She sternly remarks, “Don’t you know it’s very dangerous? If any incident occurs, I’ll be required to file a detailed report, and it will be quite extensive.”

The flight attendant also insists that the passenger should take responsibility for her child’s actions and expresses her concern at witnessing the child standing on the seat before walking away.

The video was shared by TikTok user ‘Little_jap’ on Wednesday (1 Nov) and at the time of writing, the video has garnered over 130,200 views.

Video sparks mixed reactions among netizens

Some believe the flight attendant’s response was justified and commend her for her swift action.

They argue that her actions serve as a reminder to parents who sometimes allow their children to behave recklessly.

Conversely, some netizens take issue with the flight attendant’s handling of the situation.

They argue that her approach may not align with the standards of professionalism expected in such circumstances.

Some suggest that her emphasis on writing a lengthy report in case of an incident was unnecessary.

One perspective defends the flight attendant by suggesting that her strong reaction may stem from prior experiences dealing with injured passengers, possibly leading to a heightened sense of caution.

On the other hand, there are comments implying that if such behavior is tolerated, anyone could become a Scoot stewardess.

While emphasizing the importance of safety, some netizens express reservations about the flight attendant’s demeanor, implying that there may be room for improvement in how the situation was handled.

Scoot Airlines responds

According to Chinese media 8World News, Scoot Airlines has confirmed the incident and apologized to the passengers.

The incident in question occurred on a flight in August 2021.

A spokesperson stated that ensuring the personal safety of passengers and crew members is the company’s top priority.

All passengers are required to remain seated and fasten their seat belts during takeoff and landing, and are only allowed to leave their seats after the seat belt sign has been turned off.

“Regarding this incident, we sincerely apologize to the passengers and acknowledge that our crew members could have handled the situation better.

We will continue to review our operational processes and training protocols to enhance the flying experience for our passengers.”

You can watch the video here:

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I think the attendant did the right thing and Scoot shouldn’t be apologising for her. Some passengers are just devoid of any common sense and need to be treated this way. She did the right thing especially after verbal announcements have been broadcasted and safety pamphlets clearly states the do’s and don’ts.

On US airlines, such passengers may be forced to disembark. And on non-asian airlines, politeness is non existent.

Be polite and diplomatic on issues of safety..?? Be considerate..? Consider the feelings of others..?? Take a look inside safety manuals. Take a screenshot/pic of any part that says to be polite and nice while getting the plane for landing or take off, turbulence or crash landing. Lets be nice while the plane is burning and filled with smoke and offer wet ( and well chilled towels) while evacuating, Remind passengers to leave their luggage behind in soft and pleasant tones. The flight attendant should announce it through the PA system that a child is standing up during taxing and… Read more »

While the attendant was right to point out the danger, she (attendant) was wrong on two counts:
1) she (attendant) was berating the mother and embarrassing the mother in public. A most unprofessional way to handle a situation
2) she (attendant) appears really to be more concerned about having to submit a report than worry about the safety of the boy.

In any case, Scoot admitted that the attendant could have handled the situation better.

So, a lesson learnt for mother and child and Scoot and attendant too!

Those who criticised the attendant are idiots. Place yourself in her position responsible for the safety of all passengers, you will do the same.

The child behaviour cannot be treated lightly. The parents must be responsible.

This kind of problem is very easily solved by telling the errant child that if he/she doesn’t behave, they will be “allowed” to stand on the wing outside 🙂