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Python emerges from car hood while driving, prompts driver to head to the fire station

In Malaysia, a driver’s quick thinking led him to rush to the Cyberjaya fire station when a large python emerged from his car’s hood, documented in a 2-minute video. The snake’s adventure prompted mixed online reactions, from humor to fear.



MALAYSIA: A driver’s quick thinking led him to drive straight to the Cyberjaya fire station when he spotted a large python emerging from the hood of his moving car.

The entire episode was captured in a two-minute and 48-second video, which was later shared online by a user known as “Cikgu Anep,” on X platform.

In the video, a woman can be heard advising the driver to reduce his speed to prevent harm to the python.

The reptile, seemingly determined to escape, was seen gradually climbing up the car’s windshield before making its way towards the driver’s side rearview mirror.

Eventually, it found its way onto the car roof.

Despite the nerve-wracking situation, the woman behind the camera managed to stay composed, stating, “Even though I was very nervous, I tried to stay calm.”

She went on to describe the python as “big and cute.”

Fortunately, the driver managed to reach the Cyberjaya fire station, where firemen came to the rescue and safely removed the python from the vehicle, as depicted in the video.

Online users also weighed in on the situation, with some expressing their fear while others humorously speculated that the python might have been reluctant to depart and possibly wanted to enjoy the journey too.

One user confesses that even encountering a lizard would make them anxious; now, picture their reaction to a snake, they commented.

“If it were me, I would stop immediately. You can take the car; I’ll just walk, no problem,” one user said.

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