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Violent confrontation unfolds as man attacks Malaysian truck driver in road rage episode

A video uploaded on Twitter by user nanmanjoi8715 shows a man’s aggressive assault on a garbage truck driver at Selangor, Malaysia, escalating from verbal confrontation to physical violence, sparking outrage and concern on social media. Authorities are now on a manhunt for the suspect.



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MALAYSIA: A 45-second video of man assault a truck driver currently making rounds on social media X has captured the attention of netizens.

The video, posted by user nanmanjoi8715 on Monday (30 Oct), has garnered over ten thousand views.

The footage captures an enraged man confronting a truck driver, initially from outside the truck door.

However, what unfolds next is shocking. The man proceeds to climb onto the truck’s tire and uses a stick to assault the driver who remains inside the vehicle.

This aggressive behaviour is on full display in the video, raising significant concern among the public regarding the incident.

A comment from a X user indicated that the man believed he had the authority to assault the truck driver simply because he possessed a luxury car.


Others sarcastically criticized the attacker’s behavior, suggesting that he was aware of his own character flaws and acted accordingly.


Manhunt underway for suspect in brutal assault on garbage truck driver

The incident in question took place on Sunday (29 Oct), at approximately 9:30 AM, along Jalan 6, Jalan Panchang Bedena, Sungai Besar, Sabak Bernam, Selangor.

The incident prompted a swift response from the Sabak Bernam District Police after a 37-year-old garbage truck driver reported a violent confrontation with an unidentified assailant.

The victim reported that he was subjected to a brutal attack and threats while operating his garbage truck in the area.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect’s vehicle obstructed the garbage truck’s path, leading the driver to use his horn to request the suspect to move.

Unexpectedly, the situation escalated as the aggressor approached the driver, spewing abusive language, and eventually resorting to physical violence, striking the driver with a stick.

The victim sustained hand injuries during the altercation, necessitating medical treatment at Tengku Ampuan Jemaah Hospital (HTAJ) in Sabak Bernam.

In response to this incident, authorities have launched a manhunt for the suspect and registered a case under sections 324 and 506 of the Penal Code.

They are urging any witnesses to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

Information related to the case can be provided to the Sabak Bernam District Police by calling 03-32242222 or reaching out to the assigned investigator, Inspector Mohamad Farid Sutrisno Tanjung, at 019-3224855.

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